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In my post yesterday I talked about the top 10 online productivity tools to improve focus and combat distraction but sometimes it goes deeper than that.

Whether it’s playing Clash of Clans or checking FB literally every 30 seconds (yes I’ve done both) what it comes down to is a lack of understanding or skill in doing whats expected of you.

Now if you have a job those guide lines are quite clear. In some countries you have to leave your mobile phone at the font desk so you won’t use it during work thats how bad it’s gotten. And we’ve all gone into shops or convenience stores where the sales rep or clerk is more engrossed in their phone than serving you.

But when you work for yourself those guidelines aren’t so clear. Sometimes they’re non existant.

So in an effort to remind myself and also talk about this issue with others I’ve shared some throughts on Facebook and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

Facebook post one:

A common issue for many entrepreneurs is distraction. And living in this particular time in history doesn’t help! Lol

And as entrepreneurs we are hyper sensitive to looking for opportunities. It allows us to see gaps in the market, identify problems and seek out easier faster and more effective solutions. Unfortunately this great quality often leads the new entrepreneur to distraction.

At the heart of this problem is only two things: A lack of clear priorities and a lack of focus.

Priorities comes down to you being able decide what is important and in what order.

Now when you know what your priorities are it becomes easier to know what to focus on.

If your main priorities are your family then you will be focussed on that.

If your health is a priority you schedule in the gym and when you are there you will be focussed on getting healthy.

Now online because there is so much information and so many courses its easy to get confused but if making money is a priority then you will schedule it in, you will work on your mindset and you will just choose ONE THING to focus. And I recommend you choose something small and focus on learning and implementing it until you feel you can move on.

So start by getting clear on your priorities then choose a small achievable goal and then follow through with action.

I hope this helps you.

Facebook Post two:

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So there you have it.

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