I joined Toastmasters in May 2012.

It has been one of the most valuable, positive and life changing endeavours in my life.

I owe a deep debt to the wonderful supportive members of Sandgropers Toastmasters and the wider Toastmasters community for helping me overcome my public fears and to help me become an accomplished speaker and leader.

Here is  a list of most of my speeches throughout the years:

Competent Communicator Manual

  1. Ice Breaker – What’s in A Name?
  2. Organise Your Speech – What To Expect When She’s Expecting
  3.  Get To The Point – Greatness
  4. How To Say It – First Memory
  5. Your Body Speaks – Voice
  6. Vocal Variety – D-Day
  7. Research Your Topic – The Universe Is An Amazing Place
  8. Get Comfortable With Visual Aids – Identity Based Habits
  9. Persuade With Power – Finding My Father
  10. Inspire Your Audience – Just Be Yourself (Because Everybody Else Is taken)

Humorously Speaking (Adv Manual)

  1. Warm Up Your Audience – Beautiful Beginnings
  2. Leave Them With A Smile – Two Steps
  3. Make Them Laugh – The Joys Of Parenting
  4. Keep Them Laughing – The Art Of Losing A Speech
  5. The Humorous Speech – I’m Not Funny. I’m Hilarious.

Storytelling (Adv Manual)

  1. The Folk Tale – The Monkey King
  2. Lets Get Personal – No Free Lunches
  3. The Moral Of The Story – Shine Bright Like A Diamond
  4. The Touching Story – Discovery Moments
  5. Bring History To Life – The Power of Dreams

Other Speeches