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Hi, I’m Samith Pich!

 I’m a leading digital strategist, passionate digital marketing and business coach, 6 figure affiliate marketer, trainer and speaker.

I specialise in helping businesses and entrepreneurs harness the power of the internet to increase traffic, get more leads and make more sales.

I’ve been helping turn ordinary businesses into sales and marketing machines since 2015.

Todays it’s more important than ever to use the latest digital marketing tools and technologies to deliver smart ROI focused marketing strategies.

I excel at creating money churning, profitable sales funnels. Need leads yesterday? I can adeptly set up the Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns that will deliver the customers are looking for.

I’ve got the tech ninja skills to be able to put all the peices of the puzzle together for you. And I’ve got the marketing wizardry to connect you with your customers and audience.

This is my personal blog focusing on marketing, online business, productivity, and life.

I share what’s worked for me, what hasn’t, and nuggets from my experience. I cover everything from affiliate marketing, creating authority online, list building, and starting an online business.

My Story

In 2008 I started my first online business from my bedroom. I was an out of work high school relief teacher drowning in debt. In 2012 I had made my first 6 figure income online.

By 2015 I had generated over a million dollars in sales in my online businesses.

Today my life is a world away from the pain, and frustration it was when I started out online. Now I get to live life on my own terms and my family have me at home and available to them full time.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing though. Far from it.

If you do it RIGHT the internet can make you A LOT OF MONEY. But it can COST you your sanity and take your shirt off your before you can turn around and say ‘What Is Pokemon Go??” if you do it WRONG.

Fortunately for you I’ve done my fair share of both and I’ve spent years in the ONLINE SHCOOL OF HARD KNOCKS. I’ve spent a lot of money to learn some very expensive mistakes.

Mistakes I can spare you if you’re smart.

It’s fortunate for you because now I can help you avoid the making the same costly mistakes by sharing with you everything that can help you fast track your business to success.

The truth is – the way people do business today has changed AND unless you want to join the 90% of businesses who go out of business in the first 5 years then you will have to master the online world.

You can either go hard at learning all there is to know about online marketing, or you can hire or work with someone who already has mastered it.

Either way, you have to get better at marketing. PERIOD.

How I Can Help You.

Through my marketing consulting and coaching I help clients develop a digital marketing blueprint and marketing plan that outlines the exact steps to follow to ensure maximum success is acheived.

There are certain foundations every business must have in place.

I help you put this in place.

Then we work on strategy. (Hint: most business owners don’t have one!)

It’s really all about connecting all the dots so you can maximise your online marketing efforts and ROI.

Plus unless you get up to speed in the digital space your business will struggle at some stage if it isn’t already.

Unlike a lot of business coaches that talk the talk….

Through my marketing programs I show you exactly what you NEED to do and in what order.

I can also help you get it done!

Contact me for a no obligation chat about how I can help your business.

Today I’ve been fortunate enough to have helped dozens of businesses attract better quality clients and customers, increase traffic to their websites and make more sales. I’ve also personally coached hundreds of students start their own online business, to find financial and time freedom.

Check out some kind things past clients have said about me.

I also often help internet marketers, network marketers, small and big businesses get more leads, attract more customers and earn more money doing what they love.

And I’d be happy to help you too!

Connect with me on:

Looking forward to helping you start and create a profitable online business!

Warm regards





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