Lets face it we only have 24 hours in a day. Actually much less once you factor in Game of Thrones.

But it helps that when you’re working you’re actually doing work.

So today lets talk about productivity and what are the best online apps to use to get more done with better focus.

So what are some apps I use you ask?

1. Google Drive is my go to place for cloud storage of files and photos and a space to create quick docs, spread sheets, check mail, browse my calendar and schedule and just get stuff done. It’s a one stop productivity shop.

2.  Find yourself spending too much time surfing?  If you’re on Google Chrome you can add this extension Stay Focused or better yet..

3.  Not sure how you wasted your day and if it really was productive or not?  You know, those days where you were busy but couldn’t see where the day went?   Get Rescue Time.

I have to tell you Rescue Time saved my behind a few times. It really let’s me see where I’m being unproductive or inefficient.  I use the version that is $9.00 a month, but they have a free one so you get a lot of functionality for free.

4.  Skitch.  A free program from Evernote that allows you to do screenshots and then add arrows and text if you need to.  If you have an Evernote account you can add to your notebooks but even without that, it helps you get your point accross quickly.

5. Ever close all your tabs on Chrome and lose where you were (or like me have a standard set of windows I use for different tasks?  Session Buddy allows you to save sets of tabs together so you can restore.

6.  Podio –if you’re managing a team, the Podio is the way to go.  It’s not free, but very inexpensive and it is a different way of project managing.  We like it because we can create a workflow the way we want it, not the way the software wants you to.  It takes a little getting used to but for all the ones we’ve tried, this is the one we love.

7. If you’re are working on a project and you’re looking for something free then  Trello is pretty cool. Essentially its a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process.

8. Only need to make lists for yourself?  Then Todoist or Wunderlist is the way to go.  A simple task manager along with due dates that you can keep on your phone, PC or Mac.

9. If you TO DO list is driving you mad then Simpleology is an online app I reccommend that teaches and shows you how to get insanely productive in little time. Yes it works.

10. Jing is my go to online app when it comes to taking quick screenshots of the online competition for market research but whats really cool is you can do 5 min screencasts. Its perfect for quick instructions to your virtual assistants/ outsourcers or you want your wife to get you the new Star Wars box set in Amazon.

Bonus: Lastpass is what I use to keep all my passwords in one secure place. It’s like the one password to rule them all. Without Gollum or Hobbits.

Now, if you have something that is working then you shouldn’t change it but if you need a bit more structure then you might want to try the above.

Of course, you should spend a bit of time every day organizing.  It’s ok to use paper–I do.

Only check your email, phone, and Facebook at specific times of the day (unless you don’t want to get anything done.)

There’s a bit more to it than just that–but I hope these tools help you a little bit.

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