Previously I created a post about Why Success is so important in life today I want to continue the discussion. But first, a riddle.

I love riddles and here’s one for you:

‘What force and strength cannot get through, I with a gentle touch can do. And many in the street would stand, were I not a friend at hand







A key.

A key by its definition opens doors. Obviously there are many ways to open a door and get to whats on the other side. You could kick and smash the door down, you could try picking the lock, or even take it off its hinges! However, using a key works so well because it requires the least amount of effort, its very specific and it uses something really small and leverages it in a very powerful way.

Using the right key for the right door can be the difference between banging on a door for a couple of hours trying to break in or taking a moment to put a key in and turn the lock, breezing on in.

I start this discussion about keys and riddles because most people see success as a riddle and are to no fault of their own, have little real understanding to which key opens the door to success.

What is the Key to Success?

There are many important keys to success. Many of them useful. Just ask any entrepreneur or sports person and you will hear a range of varying opinions. Some will say ‘Having a Why’, or having motivation and peserverance. Others will say focus and will power. Some will insist it comes down to mindset and having a mentor.

But over the years of working with my clients helping them achieve their goals, and looking at how I’ve accomplished many of my own I’ve come to one simple conclusion.

And when you see this simple key to success you will probably exclaim how stupidly simple it is.

(But wouldn’t a key seem so stupidly obvious to someone trying to break into a door?)

There’s only one critical key to success. And its your ability to take consistent action.

Lets define what consistent action really means.

Action means you DO something that moves you closer to your goal. Planning, visualizing and sending positive thoughts is not an action. Watching motivational Youtube videos or reading over your company’s compensation plan is not action. Action is writing a chapter of your book, having a healthy breakfast, doing a 30?minutes workout, making a call to your prospective customer. Actions are always very specific.

Consistent means that you are doing something every day, even if it’s just for a small period of time.

You write 2 pages every day. You go for a 30?minute run every day in the morning. You make 10 new calls to prospective clients daily the first thing after you enter your office.

Real power lies in consistency.

But there are actions and then there are actions. Some actions yield better results. Like using the right key, some actions require minimal effort but create powerful results.

What are the most powerful actions we can take?

Hands down, the most powerful action you can take is the creation of powerful habits. Powerful habits can turbo-charge your success because habits are actions that you perform habitually, on the everyday basis. The best part is that once you install a new habit the action itself doesn’t require much effort (like a key).

I bet you brush your teeth everyday without forcing yourself into it. There is no great motivational speech needed every morning, like “Common, brush your teeth, you can do it!” You do it automatically and often even without thinking about it.

That’s what we want to achieve with our success habits. We want to do things that help us achieve our goals consistently and on autopilot, without having to force ourselves every time.

In my next blog post I will talk about why consistency is so important and why its such a challenge.

Remember this:

The key to success is taking consistent action.

Do This:

Identify a consistent action someone you admire takes to reach their goal.

Know This:

You are no different than the people you admire, before they became masters they were all starters. You have the ability the create powerful habits that serve you just like them.