When Nalina was only 6 months old, her and I witnessed a miracle

An honest to goodness miracle!

Ok it wasn’t a miracle in the divine sense, no one was saved by the hands of God, no angels burst trumpet song through the sky and Nalina and I proceeded from the event pretty much unscathed, but nevertheless, changed.

But it was pretty darn magical, it was amazing, the moment filled us with wonder…

And Nalina saw it first.

We were sitting down on the floor of her nursery as we do on a Saturday morning, pulling books out, talking to the stuffed toys that she has come to love now.

I had become engrossed in an app on my phone (yes, great parenting skills Samith…) and when I looked up there was Nalina sitting in the morning sun engrossed in something…

She’d been mesmerised by this miracle for goodness knows how long. And when I saw it, my breath caught, because I had forgotten all about it, but I remember when someone first pointed it out…

The cool thing is, I can show you the miracle right here, right now, through the power of the internet. Ready to see the miracle?

Before we go there, this story of miracles reminds me of another occasion when we were all privy to the magic of Miracles. In the early weeks of 2012  the family and I went on a wonderful holiday visiting Iris’s family in Germany. Wow, what a fantastic, magical holiday that was for so many reasons.

Anyway, we were blessed to be invited by Iris’s mum to stay with her and her cool husband Volker (pronounced Folker). Guess where her mother lived?

Nothing less but nestled deep in the heart of the Black Forest! It was somthing out of Hansel and Gretel! Although no gingerbread, and nothing creepy, but Brigitte did do lots of fattening up!

On the last morning on our last day, before the tears and heartfelt goodbyes, we were all packing our bags, when Iris’s mum yells out from the kitchen

‘It’s a miracle!! Come and look! It’s a miracle!”

We all rushed out, expecting to see a man with a white beard walking on water. Or at least a floating angel or something.

It took us all a couple of moments to figure out what she was going on about, what with all the frantic finger waggling.

And when we saw the miracle, we all held back a small chuckle, and gave the woman a big hug, because that’s the type of woman she was…

Someone special 🙂

Ok, ready for the miracle now?


Ok, hold your hand about 20 cms from your face (7 inches).

Point your index towards you and close the other fingers.

Now start wiggling your index finger up and down.
Notice, the bone your hands are connected to?
Notice the tendons that connected that make this possible?
Notice your breathe that was breathing without you telling it to?
Can you see the miracle?

YOU, are the miracle!


You’re a walking, talking, bonafide miracle (and you probably didn’t even know it!). Your body is a miracle. The fact you are in a place and time where you can read this is a miracle. And the fact you were born at all, having won the greatest lottery odds of all time 1 in 150 million sperm, is something to occasionally celebrate.

Yes everything I just mentioned could be attributed to evolution, the scientific progress of man and just plain luck against the odds. And thats fine as well. But I seriously believe theres nothing wrong every once and while sitting back and having a good old marvel at yourself, your life and where you are in it…

Nalina noticed this small miracle as she sat in the glow of the morning sun. She had her little chubby fingers up and just slowly, and purposefully, moved her fingers. She was in awe.

And I was in awe that she was in awe because it reminded me of a small secret that I had long forgotten…

That us humans are pretty amazing beings.

And so are you.




Just wanted to share that with you.

Because you’re some one really special.

And you need to know and be reminded of that.



Samith Pich

P.s What miracle did Iris’s mum see? What was she hollering all about?

A rainbow appeared in her kitchen. It was a sign. That we could return home to Australia safely and we were going to be ok… 🙂

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