What do you do when you bank account is falling low?

When your credit card debt is only moving in one direction?

What do you do when you let yourself down? Again.

What do you do when your days move forward in blurs and your feet move backwards?

When talking doesn’t help?

When screaming at the universe doesn’t either?

Perhaps you try this simple thing:

Asking yourself a simple question, starting with these two words:


“What if..”


What if…

you decided that it was ok to start over again.

What if

you were focussed?

What if

you chose ONE thing and decided you would master it

before you tried anything else.

What if

your age, your sex, your story didn’t matter.

Could you agree to work on yourself?

Could you decide you were worth mastering until you had a business

that gave you true time freedom?


What if

all the pressure and guilt you put on yourself

was just an illusion.

What if

you let them go?


And truly surrender.


Surrender to being right.

Surrender to being broke.

Surrender to having to know everything.

Surrender to feeling like you have to please everyone.


What if

you chose to out produce your problems?

What if your worst case scenario

was no more real than your best case scenario?



False evidence appearing real.




Start now.


(Now re-read the post again and replace the words ‘What if’ with ‘It’s possible’.


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