The key to personal success is cultivating successful habits that you cultivating consistently. Here’s a list of my top 10.

  1. Eat well. Practice 80/20. Eat good, nutritious wholesome food 80% of the time. And don’t sweat the other 20%
  2. Exercise. The benefits of exercise are too numerous to mention. Can’t afford to exercise? Well start saving up for what it will cost you to be unwell. Remember flexibility, strength and cardio.
  3. Practice personal reflection. this can take in the form of meditation, journalling or simply spending a few minutes alone walking and thinking while enjoying the outdoors.
  4. Give. Spend time on things that give you no monetary rewards but lots of emotional satisfaction like volunteering, or simply helping out your kids with their homework. Find something that needs to be done and do it.
  5. Get enough sleep. 7-8 hours a day.
  6. Declutter physically and emotionally. Give it away, sell it or bin it. That includes your inbox and your hard drive.
  7. Hang around successful people who will support, encourage and challenge you to be your best.
  8. De-stress. Listen to music. Watch stand up comedy. Go to the theatre or simply go for a regular walk. Successful people take time out everyday (even if its only 10 mins) to spend time doing something they like.
  9. Practice Gratitude. Take sometime everyday, first thing you wake up or before you go to bed and take sometime to be thankful everyday. Write a thank you note to someone who’s you’re grateful for.
  10. Read. Readers are leaders. Expand your mind with fiction and non-fiction. Fiction for your heart and non-fiction for your mind. Fill your mind with great books, and biographies.

I’m sure I could extend this list to 100 success habits. What are your success habits? Share them below.