Memories of Summer

I’ve been thinking alot about Greatness. What it means to me, and what it means to be Great at something.

So much so, my next toastmasters talk will be exploring the subject.
During todays morning walk, as thoughts swirled through my head, as the morning light streamed through the trees, and the ground was still moist with dew, I began to formulate an idea about greatness.
However, as I put the idea of greatness to the acid test
I came to one conclusion.
I am not great.
At anything.
I’m not putting myself down, I’m just stating the facts as I see them.
I believe I’m terribly good at some things but average to say the least at most others.
However, I do have the potential to be great.
I can be great.
There is greatness inside me, as there is inside each and everyone of us.
And I am going to start (if I haven’t already) walking down this less travelled road as see where this path takes me.
Know this: None of us are born great.
And that’s whats great about being GREAT.
You get to choose.
(Makes for a great story, don’t you think?)
Just thought i’d share that with you this morning.