On Friday 5th February 2010 at 5pm at Kulcha in Fremantle I will be making my first foray into the arts world. Yes I have been selling work for a while and yes I have been in a number of group shows, but in a group show you can hide in the shadows of others. In a solo there is no where to hide. I’ve read somewhere that the No.1 fear for most people is talking in public in front of their peers, having an exhibition where it’s all about you seems to be no different. So why do it you ask? For me it’s about dogged curiosity? I just want to know how far I can take this thing I can do, that other people call Art and I call them paintings. I’ve always though I had something to say and I seem to say it best in pictures.
Now I’ve had a couple of months to start working on this exhibition but I only officially started on Monday. I think I work better under some type of pressure but obviously I’m not going to wait until the week before – that would be suicide! And while I have some type of style I am working with I don’t think I am confident enough to have a show based on a ‘style’. I wanted an idea and I didn’t get that ‘A-ha!’ moment until two weeks ago when a friend asked for a commission. I wanted to do a show which featured people in love, but doing what? (Apart from the obvious…) Lately I have had this love affair with trees, I am absolutely inspired by them. So in a passing conversation, after hearing my one of my favourite tunes ‘The Mango Tree’ by Angus and Julia Stone it dawned on me how I could incorporate all of my current interests – a show called ‘The Mango Tree’ an exhibition of NEW works on the theme of love, sun and of course Mangoes!
This time lapse video idea came about as I was surfing Youtube and saw these wonderful time lapse painting demonstrations. I kept wondering if I could do that too? So I researched and it seemed I could. I quickly realised that Youtube could be another avenue to show my work and skills.  And the rest is history!
Hope you enjoy the video.
warmest regards
Samith Pich