Welcome back! Samith here.

Congratulations on completing Step 6. “How To License A Proven & Profitable Online Business…”

Below are two very important videos prepared for you to summarize the key points of this step.

Video #1 – Meet Coach Drew.

Drew Innes is MOBE’s Top Level Business Coach and it is important you meet him. As an MLR (MOBE Licence Rights Partner), he will become your Business Coach.

You may be wondering, just who is Coach Drew?

He has been working directly with Matt Lloyd for 5 years. When Matt started the coaching program, Drew was the first guy he called. He is one of our finest, most experienced coaches.

We are lucky to have him as part of our team. Drew has been my mentor, and he can be your mentor too.

As an MLR, Coach Drew will take you through Steps 9 -21, and work with you one on one to develop your personal, customized business plan.

But rather than me tell you about Drew, he made this short video during his recent visit to Bali, Indonesia (tough life, I know!).

Please watch this video. I will be asking you about it during our Strategy Session.

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Coach Drew…


Video #2 – MLR Commission Explanation.

Below is the final video in this series.

I have prepared this video for my clients to explain in granular detail the difference in commission potential between being an Affiliate (your current status) and being MLR (the program Matt Lloyd described in the 86 minute video in Step 6).

The MLR program is not mandatory. But as you will see, the impact on your commissions is significant.

By watching this summary, you will be reinforcing the key concepts from this step, which will greatly benefit you as you progress through the subsequent steps.



These videos are the final required assignment before our Strategy Session.

If you do not have a session in the next 48 hours, notify me on Skype and I will get you right onto my calendar.

Great Work! To your success.

Samith Pich


Your Top Tier Coach