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Sitting on the train platform I eyed the woman next to me.

She had hair colored like an autumn forrest, her striking green eyes matched her patterned green scarf and a brooch that looked like it was handed down from someone special.

I tried to think of something interesting to say. Instead I gave a confused smile to the morning.

The same smile that babies with bad wind give.

In a carefully choreographed routine she took out a pair of high heels out of her bag and took off her everyday black shoes one by one, putting on the more stylish pair. Despite being an older woman she had great calves.

I imagined her doing this everyday and at the end of the day taking off her tired heels and putting on her comfy everyday pair. I wondered if her husband gave her a calf massage at the end of a long day.

I wanted to ask something to start things off but I still had nothing to say.

Whoosh! An express train goes flying past!

We both look at each other as if to say ‘lucky we weren’t near the edge of the platform!’

Before I can utter a word she gets up and leaves, and I found my way into another carriage.

Deep in the morning rush hour I squeeze myself in between a large Russian and a hard place. I stay there for 15 or so minutes. I swear I leave smelling like stale vodka.

Departing from Leederville, I lose myself in the trendy cafes and find myself lost at the Water Corp building. Luckily a worker gives me direction.

Finally I make my way upstairs to  Jenish Pandya’s Podcasting 101 Workshop.

Jenish introducing someone invisibleThe reason why I got up this morning was not to wax lyrical at a train station it was to learn about the hottest online marketing, content creation trend happening at the moment.


Jenish Pandya was to be our workshop presenter. He was aptly qualified to teach the subject as he’s host of the Keys To Authority Podcast, an interview style show about, well, the Keys To Authority in your niche.

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jenish a few weeks ago which you can listen to here about the Keys to Email Marketing. Something I luckily know something about. I think.

At the door Jenish greets me a warm handshake. He’s tall, young, driven and good looking. Everything I’m not.

He also has an adorable habit of pointing to imaginary people when he talks (on both sides) but he never introduces them. I hope he does one day.

So why Podcasting, why Jenish and why now?

Well, are you looking to… Build your authority and credibility in a niche? Increase the demographic of your audience? Grow your audience, build an intimate connection with them, find out what their struggles are, and then create solutions for them? Fill a void in the marketplace with valuable content? Build a business around a topic you are passionate about?

Then Podcasting Is For You

Well, that’s what the slide said. But Jenish already had me ‘hello’.

Having a podcast is like having a super power. It’s the ability to be talking inside people’s heads when you are not there.

It turns out that whispering into your wife’s ear while she sleeps telling her you want a new MacBook Pro is not the same as podcasting. The jury is out whether this will work.

But what definitely works is podcasting. It was a hip a few years ago then it died out now it’s bigger than ever. A bit like herpes really.

At the workshop I had the pleasure of meeting ‘LinkedIn Queen’ Jo Saunders from Wild Fire Social Marketing and ‘Facebook/ Social Marketing Maverick’ Ming from Ototgo. They had already started their own podcast. Everyone else was a podcast virgin.

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The Podcasting 101 workshop ran for a full day and was packed with value.

Jenish covered why we want to podcast, what we will talk about, who we want to attract and how to actually do it. The format, activities and flow worked really well.

[tweetthis]Having a podcast is like having a super power. It’s the ability to be talking inside people’s heads when you are not there.[/tweetthis]

The good news is almost no one is doing Podcasting for businesses in Australia. If you want to develop your brand and authority it’s hard NOT to be awe inspired by some one who has their own podcast. Because to be honest, it’s a lot of work.

Which is why you want someone like Jenish teaching you his ways. Being an engineer he looked the at systems and processes to take the hassle and leg work out of it.

There’s some insanely useful tools out there and almost everything outside of your actual podcast can be outsourced. Pretty nifty ay?

Business people like outsourcing almost as much as they like crack. The trick is to find a reputable supplier of outsourcers.

Podcasting Tools and Techniques

Okay, so you’re insane enough to want to start your own podcast. You know who you want top serve and what they want to listen to.

There’s a couple of things you’re going to need:

  • You need to set up a Skype account
  • You need Skype recording software like Call Recorder (mac) or MP3 Skype Recorder (PC).
  • However if you have a PC you might want to trade it in for a Mac. Just saying…
  • When it comes to recording, there are a few things to consider to get the best sound possible and some tools to improve the sound quality. If you want something to wow the ladies (and men) then you can’t go past a Blue Yeti. They are not sold in stores generally, but can try Value Basket.
  • You need an account with iTunes – yes you can download a PC version.
  • You’ll be editing your sound files with Garage Band (mac) , Audacity (PC). I actually never knew there was so much to consider when it comes to sound engineering. Luckily Jenish provided a step by step guide.

For your branding and your images for your podcast you’re also going to need to create some images so you can use as Canva, PicMonkey, Photoshop or outsource it to Fiverr.

Publishing onto Podcasting Directories

When you record a podcast you need to upload it to the main podcast directories which are iTunes and Stitcher. Then they syndicate it across the net. Hosting them and listing them is quite an arduous task if you do it manually. Luckily Jenish shared an excellent tool that takes care of it all.

Also you’ll probably want a dedicated website for your podcasts so thats a case of getting a domain and hosting with Justhost or using something like WordPress to create a website.

Marketing Your Podcast.

Unfortunately just because you’ve built it doesn’t mean they will come.

And now that its published, it’s time to market.

Jenish covered tried and true social media techniques as well as many others. If you’re creating content that is evergreen, it has the added benefit of being something that can be shared repeatedly.

If you speak at events, run workshops, or are interviewed, use the opportunity to talk about your podcast it’s really a pretty cool drawing card.

Pro’s of Podcasting

  1. Interview style podcast positions you as a go to person which is great for networking
  2. Content is made by other people and you can asks questions your subscribers want to know (or just you)
  3. It’s incredible for creating Authority
  4. Its a door way drug to other opportunities

Con’s of Podcasting

  1. It’s not easy: It takes time to schedule guests. It takes time to edit and do all the ‘fiddly work’
  2. It takes work
  3. It’s not a ‘Get Rich Quick Scheme’
  4. You have to be consistent for an extended period of time. (not good for commitment phobes)

Overall Comments

Jenish’s workshop was a powerful, hands on, one stop shop of podcasting goodness. It delivered in EVERY aspect and it was awesome networking with other success business types like Ming, Jo Saunders or Brand Etiquette specialist like Sharron Attwood and superb Speaker Sylvia Marina of Getting The Love You Want. Almost all of us left with a clear picture of what we had to do to start our own Podcast.

One of my suggestions to improve this workshop was to make it a two day workshop. There was just so much content. And I suggested he have a follow up coaching program.

The workshop was also an excellent case study in creating a MVP – a minimal viable product and testing it out. It’s not about launching the perfect workshop it’s about getting it 80% good and launching!

After using us a happy guinea pigs, it means that Jenish has more clarity on how to better deliver future podcast workshops.

Speaking of which –

Jenish is holding another Podcasting workshop on the 3rd & 4th of September.

Details can be found at:

Register for the Podcasting 101 September Workshop here

The cost for the two day event is $500. This is going to be his second pilot workshop and there is a probable chance that the price might increase after that.

Since you’re still reading this blogpost (and you’re my valued subscribers) I’ve been able to twist Jensish’s arm (he’s surprisingly flexible) and you can get a $50 discount off the price.

So go and get your seat at this very cool workshop before it sells out again!

Register for the Podcasting 101 September Workshop here

[tweetthis]…what definitely works is podcasting. It was a hip a few years ago then it died out now it’s bigger than ever. A bit like herpes really…[/tweetthis]


Check out Jenish Pandya’s Website here and Keys To Authority Podcast Website

For all your LinkedIn needs have a chat with Jo Saunders from Wild Fire Social Marketing

Ming knows Facebook like no other at Ototgo

Contact Brand Etiquette specialist, Sharron Attwood for your branding needs

You need a Skype account with some recording software like Call Recorder (mac) or MP3 Skype Recorder (PC).

You can try to get a Blue Yeti at Value Basket.

Audacity is a great free sound program.

To create some great images you can use Canva, PicMonkey, Photoshop or outsource it to Fiverr.

Podcast directories are iTunes and Stitcher.