Hello! Is it nearly February already?? I’m still trying to enjoy January!

Great news! I have finished creating 30 works for the exhibition, I’m going to be spending the next week finalising the artwork and varnishing, so when you see them they won’t be just good they’ll be great. Perhaps a ‘I just gotta buy that’ great…? 🙂

I have learnt many life lessons so far from this exhibition and I’d like to share three with you in relation to reaching your own goals if I may because I think it could assist you.

3 Powerful Components to Goal Setting

1. WHY

“There is no such thing as lazy people,  just people who  don’t have big enough goals that move them” – Tony Robbins

The power of goal setting became very apparent to me when I discovered what it did for my soul in a very practical sense. It became the rocket fuel that  propelled me to create 20 works in a month and a half. And the power or fuel in goal setting does not actually come from the actual goal (in my case have 30 artworks ready by 26 Jan or perhaps in your case it might be ‘to read 10 books in 90 days’ it actually comes from the WHY. Why are you actually giving yourself this goal? What feeling or accomplishment will it give you, more importantly how will it grow or change you, rather than what will you get? An example could be the goal to lose weight. Though honestly, who really wants to go through the process of exercising and dieting for the sake of exercising and dieting?? However if your reasons why were to have the freedom to play with your kids, look great in some jeans, live your life fuller, and you learnt that getting fit will improve your sex life by about 30% then exercising becomes a no brainer! In my case my why to have a solo art exhibition was to prove to myself and the world I was serious as an artist, to learn the process of setting up an exhibition, to help myself grow as an artist, and to share my gifts and vision with as many people as possible so they can be inspired to more fully love, give and find beauty in others and themselves. With all those reasons why, having an exhibition was just a natural vehicle to reach my goal.

To summarise, when you create goals, knowing the reasons WHY you are going to pursue that goal can be the difference between being passionately motivated to go fourth and conquer or a weak half assed attempt.

Know this: The natural expression of your soul is to learn, grow and become greater than you could possibly imagine. You know you’re hitting the right ‘why buttons’ when your heart stirs and your soul soars at the very thought of ‘why not’?.

Do this: Got a goal? List as many reasons why it will benefit you and others. Think of how you will feel, how you will grow and who you could become if you reached that go.

Ok, I look forward to talking about the second powerful component of goal setting, CLARITY,  tomorrow. Until then, have an outstanding day!

warm regards

Samith Pich

p.s I got featured in the Arts Section of the Fremantle Herald. Here is the link if you haven’t already read it!

p.p.s have you got a goal or goals for 2010? I’d love to hear them, just email me at samithpich@gmail.com or just leave a comment!