Wow it’s April 2012 already! So many things have happened since my last post. As a family we’ve moved house, moved schools and changed jobs. Our new location in Greenwood, WA is wonderful and the girls are enjoying their schools. I’m doing some strange things for work these days but I can’t complain that it’s boring!

But perhaps the biggest change of all, and more so in the days, months and years ahead has to be the amazing and most anticipated arrival of our newborn daughter, Nalina Ray Pich. Born at 6.57am Tuesday morning 24th April (which just happens to be the same day as her Uncle Till’s birthday!). She weighed 2.67kg and was 47cm in height. So overall she was small (which we already knew) but she was perfect.

The day of labour was a mad dash and perhaps the fastest actually delivery I ever witness! By the time I had rushed into the delivery ward (with a fit ball and yoga matt no less to get ready for the hours of labour ahead) it was too late! Iris was giving birth immanently!  The midwives, obstetrician, pedeatrician and all the staff at Glengarry Private Hospital did an amazing job of ensuring our baby girl arrived into the world safely and they did a stellar job of looking after Iris in her recovery. And from my point of view their food was top notch!

We brought Nalina home on Saturday to the loving reception of our daughters Lili and Eve Pich who are doing  great job as loving older sisters. The days ahead may be slightly sleep deprived  but we honestly couldn’t have wished for anyone more perfect to join our lives.

Nalina means lotus or the gentle one in Hindu. She is indeed a precious miracle…