What do you do when your dream dies? Do you sit down and cry? Do you just give it up and let die? Or do you give it one more try?

I want you to cast your mind over some of the dreams you’ve had over your lifetime. Quiet dreams, silly dreams, day dreams, weird dreams, most of them stay dreams and thats ok.

I had a dream once I was going to be a rock star. Until I turned 12, and my voice broke. And I realised had as much singing ability as my neighborhood cats on a clear moonlit night.

I’m talking about THE dream, the one that keeps you up at night, that keeps you hungry the big crazy goal that has the audacity to hope.

That one.

Most of you know me, my name is Samith Pich. When I was 6, my family and I fled a  terrible civil war in Cambodia, leaving most of my extended family behind, and we crossed an ocean to arrive on the shores of Western Australia.

The heaviest things my parents packed were their dreams, but not for themselves but for us kids. Did your parents have dreams for you?

So you could probably guess what my parents dreams were – have a good education and get a good job. My dad dreamt for me that I would be a doctor or a lawyer, preferably both. If you knew anything about my Dad, who could be a bit of a larrikan) for an asian guy, you could probably understand why he would need both.

The Back Story

My parents dream hit a slight bump when I married my high school sweet-heart at 18, and had our first daughter Lili a year later and then 5 years later Eve was born.

During this time I’m getting two university degrees so I can become an arts teacher and live a life of comfort and long holidays. Or so we thought…

Along the way expenses rose and we started to get into debt. And each year we seemed to drift a little further behind on the payments each month. So at the age of 28, only 6 years ago, with a marriage on the rocks we decided to give our dream one last shot!

We decided to ride this wave called the mining boom! We invested a small fortune of everything we had, borrowed and scraped and took out loans into a mining investment opportunity with a reputable local business man – the returns looked awesome and it would allow us to start again on our dreams.

For 6 months things were good and we had plenty of communication until the reputable businessman went on business trip to Europe, one way, without telling anyone and with him took $126 million of other people’s money most of them small time like us, some losing everything.

When It Rains It Pours

With the stress of everything a couple of months later my wife decides to go on a trip as well, leaving me with the kids, one way. And in a the blink of an eye I go from being a professional teacher to now living on a single parenting pension looking after two beautiful young girls who have lots of questions that I couldn’t always answer. A couple of months later a bailiff knocks on my door, takes my car and informs me that I have $70,000 in outstanding loans, loans I didn;t know I had.

Folks, sometimes when it rains it… pours.

A Few Years later…

So if you were with me only 6 years ago you would be with me in a small 2 bed room unit,  I was physically, financially and emotionally bankrupt and if it wasn’t for my daughters I don’t think I would be here to tell you this story today…

Fast forward a year or two and I came to a point where I realised that I had to let go of the past, I had to dust myself off and to start again in earnest. I came to realise that for things to change in my life I had to change or I would be destined to repeat my mistakes.

So I started diving into personal development like it was going out of fashion.

I read over 100 books in personal development, mindset and wealth creation in the space of two years.

Look I was seeking.

In the good book it says “If YE Seeks Ye Shall find… I knew I wanted IT.

I just had no idea what IT was!

But I knew it looked a bit like financial and time freedom. I wanted to take control of my life. I wanted a way out of the 9-5. Who hasn’t wanted more control over their own lives?

So, if there was a class I took it, if someone recommended a book I read it, if there was a seminar my bum was in a seat and if there was some hair brained scheme, guaranteed to lose me money I made sure my name was on that sheet.

In fact in those 2 years I would spend tens of thousands of dollars looking at business opportunities and ways to leverage myself out of a job. With no results.

Along the way I meet an amazing master florist, who finds me funny and who can put up with my hair brained schemes, and she gives me the honour of becoming my wife but to my horror I began to see history repeating itself.

In 2010 I am working 60-70 hr weeks in a job I hate, barely seeing my family and my body is broken down due to stress an dbad diet. Hands up if you’ve ever felt your life out of balance.

Yeah sometimes we’re so busy trying to survive that we forget about living, especially living our dreams

Then One Day In April…

So picture this One war day in April of 2012 my wife Iris and I are both sitting around a table having a cup of tea, I have all these brochures and marketing material and honestly I’m going eenie meenie mini mo on all of them because I couldn’t make up my mind, when my wife says, in the most casual of voices ‘I think I’ve found something that I’m a bit excited about I you’d do well in, I’ve done my research it looks good’

My jaw drops and I’m speechless.

You don’t understand my wife is a mild mannered German master florist the only things that get her excited are Ranunculies, Fragipanis and well.. me! And despite what you may think I’m actually not that exciting! So when she said she was excited about something well she might as well have dropped the F bomb in public.

So I started applying myself to the business and despite all my failures somehow by the end 2012, I made my first $100 online.

The feeling was indescribable it was like winning the lotto but it was better because i felt like I could repeat it and all those years of struggling and learning finally paid off.

After that I never looked back and not soon after I had my first $1000 week, then my first $10,000 month and in 2013 I earned my first six figures online.

And if anything, my success is proof that you can be successful online too. If I can do it, coming from clueless and foolish to this then it’s possible for you as well.

Thats the power of a dream folks. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Accepting a cheque for $220k on Stage...

Seeing is not believing folks, believing is seeing.

Keep believing, keep dreaming and one day your dreams will come true.


If you’re ready to not give up on your dream apply here to work with me and let me help you make your a dream a reality.