thumbsupDo you struggle to get testimonials for your business despite having awesome products or amazing services? Or are you gun shy about how to ask and what to say even though you’re sure your clients would be only too happy to give you one?

Well I used to feel the same way until I attended Expert Accelerator by Benjamin Harvey of Authentic Education and I was taught a simple step by step system for getting great testimonials that will help you attract a lot more business!

So today I’m going to share with you how to get killer video testimonials in 5 easy steps which you can totally steal and use in your own marketing.

Most of us should have written testimonials if we’ve been in business for  awhile but it’s important to get video testimonials these days. Because  65% of your audience are visual learners. And statistics have shown that client video testimonials are 89% more effective then any other content marketing. [Source] In short video testimonials rock so go get them!

In this post you learn the exact steps I take, the questions I ask and all the necessary equipment required to get those glowing gems from your clients mouth and onto your website. Truth be told, once you have a system and you’ve practiced it a couple of times getting killer testimonials can become an easy and seamless part of any marketing process.

Everything is in the video below or you watch on youtube How To Get Killer Video Testimonials in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1. Give amazing value

It goes without saying that your business whether its a service or it’s product based, online or offline, it’s gotta be nothing short of awesome. I mean you’ve gotta hit the ball out of the park every single time. And how will you know you’ve given amazing value. Well very soon after you’ve completed your service or your session you should hear them say exactly that. Eg. “Sam, wow, thank you so much for helping me get clear on this and that and showing me how to get that gizmo to make my widget business make so much money!’ You get the drift.

Step 2. Ask for a Testimonial (2 Step process)

All you have to do is ask these two wonderfully simple and powerful questions . Obviously you can modify these questions to suit your style.

Question 1: So did you get a lot of value out of this session?

*Client gushes again*

Question 2: So would you be open to helping me help other people get similar results like you’ve just experienced?

Client says Of course!

Step 3: Train Your Client On How To Give Awesome Testimonials

When your client says of course you now need to set up the conditions for a good testimonial.

What I usually go onto say is something to the effect of “Well what I’d like to do is simply capture what you’ve just said on video. I would be honored to have a recorded testimonial from you.”

Now of course, there may be a moment where they realize they have now offered to get onto camera for you but if you’re sincere and they’re sincere about helping you, you can laugh it off and get onto the job of training your client on how to give a good testimonial.

So yes, you must TRAIN your clients on how to give great testimonials because no one was born knowing how to give a good testimonial however it goes without saying you should NEVER tell them what to say.

So heres what your client needs to include in their testimonial:

  • name
  • where they’re from
  • company or occupation (a chance to plug themselves)
  • the circumstance before they worked with you
  • what happened during the time you worked together
  • what happened after you worked together
  • give a recommendation to others

They might need some scaffolding and memory jogging but I recommend that they practice once or twice first.

4. Get the Gear out and Record!

So what type of fancy studio equipment do I use to get great testimonials? Two words: Smart phone. If you’ve got an iPhone or a Samsung etc you’re set for a great testimonial. The sound and video is more than enough.

Don’t let anyone tell you you need a sophisticated studio set up, because the truth is people would prefer real over what is clearly staged and made up.

Note: If she’s a lady give her some time to powder her nose if she needs it…

Finally you’ll need to get your client to stand or sit somewhere they are comfortable, ideally the back ground should be quite plain, the light should ideally be clear and bright but not in their face. Stay away from street noise or other ambient places. Because even if the video quality is crap what will kill your testimonial is poor sound. Luckily your smartphone usually has great sound.

Direct them to where they should be looking and let them imagine that they are talking to a good friend and to simply talk from the heart.

Then Shoot. Record. And show the testimonial back to them and commend them on giving a great testimonial.

And if it didn’t come out great. Tell them why and simply record again until it is! They aren’t going anywhere!

Step 5: Shoot, Edit & Share

You’ll need to upload your testimonial to your computer. And once you’ve found the file you may use a film editing software to edit it. When it’s ready upload the file to Youtube. And then when the video’s uploaded and you’ve given it a title and description you can embed your video on your website in all the places it’s suitable to do so.

Obviously it’s important that you put your clients testimonial in a place thats congruent with its message. So don’t put a testimonial for dog grooming in a product about losing weight.(Unless that’s a new world exercise regime)

  • Finally as a courtesy Email your client for their approval. Share your finalized testimonial and where it can be found.
  • Request approval to use their name, city, job title, website, and any other pertinent details.
  • Ask for their photo.

By establishing a consistent and professional approach to requesting and getting testimonials, you’ll get exactly what you need from those clients who already love what you have already offered.

In the comments below I want to hear from you. Tell me…

1. What is one insight you had from watching this video or the blogpost?

2. Do you have any tips or tricks for getting great testimonials from your clients and customers?

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