In this video my friend Fraser McDonald talks about how to get people to join your business, primarily using Facebook. And you can even do it while poolside, though I recommend having a water proof device!

People always try to make the process of connecting much harder than it should be. I guess it helps us stay in a constant state of overwhelm and more likely to buy all manner of push button software or looking for silly loop holes.

Whats refreshing about this process is truly how simple it actually is. And on a cloudy day (with the prospect of rain) Fraser, F Mac as he prefers to call himself, shares with you the 4 step process that he’s used personally use to recruit thousands of people and how his team is using the exact same process to recruit like crazy as well.

So the process on how to get people to join your business goes like this.

  1.  Make new connections daily.
  2. Speak to your new connections. (build relationships)
  3. Give massive value on your profile daily.
  4. Give people your link when they ask for it.

As you can see the process is not difficult. And when it comes down to the nitty gritty this is the exact process Fracser used to get people to join his opportunity which is the Internet Lifestyle Network and my opportunity which is My Top Tier Business.

How to get people to join your business really is simple, there is nothing to difficult about it.

If you find a opportunity/company that provides you decent training that you see as valuable and you will feel comfortable giving that out to the world then that’s what you do.

Value is the name of the game in this industry.

The reason I have recruited so many people into my business is because I have I always come from a mindset of serving. And the laws of Reciprocity and Sowing and reaping simply come into being as you keep sowing.

It may not happen straight away but when you sow in the spring you have to wait to Autumn to reap. The process doesn’t change but the time frame can.

Whatever your business opportunity, MLM or direct sales product is, there will undoubtedly be great training (some has coaching) and feel free to share it with people and actually give them value.

On a post it note, or using a checklist or Evernote ask yourself on a daily basis?

1 – Are you making new connections DAILY?

2 – Do you give value on your profile DAILY?

3 – Are you posting pictures of your lifestyle DAILY?

If you answered YES to these questions then you will be seeing results (obviously results will vary form person to person but you will get them).

If you answered NO to one or more of these questions then you know why you aren’t seeing results!

…and I put DAILY in caps for a reason, with FB Marketing you have to be doing these things daily to see results!

There is no secret to this, just remain consistent, find something that works and has valuable training and put it out to the world.

That’s how to get people to join your business and if you want to learn more about my online 6 figure business I recommend you check out My Top Tier Business.

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