With the help of three wonderful students needing hours in their Community Participation unit, we managed to finish this year’s Bassendean Banner on the Terrace Entry. Measuring almost 3 metres long by 1.6 metres the banner took approximately two months to complete with only two lunch times a week to work on it! After it’s completion it received (in my eyes) pride of place on St Georges Terrace Perth for everyone to see along with 200 other Council banner submissions!

This year’s theme was ‘Innovation and Renewal’. The man and the woman represents people in our community working together, the plant represent renewal and the environmental friendly light globe represents – well freedom! lol. Huge thanks to Jenni and Jaqui O’Taigo who work at the Town at Bassendean and where so helpful in communicating their vision and Cyril Jackson for allowing us space to complete the project. Currently the Bassendean is working on finding a permanent home for this banner that was so great to work on.