Would You Like Me To Personally Help You Create A Profitable Online Business In Under 6 Weeks?


If you’re interested in becoming a full-time internet marketer, this could be the most important letter you’ll ever read.
First off all, congratulations on discovering the world of internet marketing. This amazing industry has changed my life.

What other industry can make you make you a ton of money, and give you the freedom to travel the world?

There’s one small problem though. I’m sure you know that performance marketing isn’t as easy as it used to be.

There’s a few reasons why:

– There’s a lot more competition than before. Bid prices are going up, and cap spaces for good offers can be hard to come by.

– There are more rules and regulations than ever before. A lot of the “easy” money is gone now. You can’t copy & paste someone else’s campaign and expect to be profitable.

– The problem with being new to this industry is that there’s too much information. How do you know if the material is legit or not? Following the wrong advice could cost you thousands of dollars and lost time.

– When you finally do launch some campaigns, you have no idea what to do next. It’s not easy to make those decisions when you’re losing money.

Do you agree with any of this?

If yes, I have some good news for you!

It’s absolutely NOT too late to be successful in internet marketing. I have seen and personally helped several newbies achieve their goals and become full-time internet marketers.

It’s not easy, but it’s doable.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone sat down with you and told you what’s really working?

Instead of learning just marketing theory, you could see what profitable landing pages and ads look like. What if a top performer were to show you step by step how you could create a profitable campaign? The exact steps he uses himself.

If you’re reading this letter than you know exactly who I am. I’ve been in the industry for almost 7 years and my reputation speaks for itself.

Unlike other coaches, I don’t make most of my money from “teaching others how to make money.” I built my super reputation by being one of the best marketers in the world.

Some internet marketers might have one amazing year, but then they disappear back into a job. No matter how much the industry changes, I am able to adapt.

There’s a reason why networks such as Neverblue, Adsimilis, Ads4Dough, Clickdealer, StackThatMoney, etc. have invited me to speak at their conferences.

Granted, the industry has plenty of amazing marketers out there. But trust me, no one is able to simplify the process and teach it to others like I can.

I have been writing free material on my blog for years, and people have been begging me for an official training program. I’ve always said no because my marketing campaigns were always my priority.

However, this year I’ve worked hard to systemize my campaigns to let my employees manage it. Now, I’m free to launch my training program.

“But if you’re so successful, why would you teach others?” you may ask.

Good question! I heard this old quote a lot, “Those who can’t do, teach.” I completely disagree with it.

Firstly, I enjoy helping others. No one has given away more free material and helped out newbies than I have. Money’s not everything. Helping others achieve their financial and personal goals gives meaning to my life.

Secondly, I’ve been in this industry for almost 7 years! I need new challenges in order to grow. I want to stay in internet marketing, and teaching others what I know is a natural evolution for me.

Time is Money

You absolutely can be successful without a mentor. I didn’t have one, and most successful internet marketers I know didn’t either.

But smart people know that time is money.

Do you want to spend years figuring out this industry, or would you like to be successful in months, or even weeks? The biggest benefit is you can reduce the number of mistakes you’ll make (saving you lots of time and money).

Imagine how much money you’d save if you could see profitable case studies. I’m not here to teach you theory, I’m here to show you what works.

You’ve read blogs. You might be on private forums. Maybe you’ve even taken other courses. But you know there’s a large amount of quality information no one is sharing.

Get A Pair Of Expert Eyes To Review Your Business And Show You Profits.
Get A Proven Road Map. Get On Track and Stay On Track.
Discover Leverage Points And Automation So You Can Scale Your Profits.
My Training Program Is NOT for Everybody. Here’s What I’m Looking for in Students

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

I will select students for my training carefully. Why? If you guys don’t succeed, then that makes me look bad. Unlike other gurus, I give a shit about my reputation.

Here’s my ideal candidate:

1. You have launched campaigns before.

A lot of my material will be intermediate and advanced.

I will not waste your time teaching you how to apply to a network, or how to setup campaign tracking. Super newbies are not my target audience.

I’m looking for people who have taken the initiative to launch campaigns, but want my help to make them profitable and scale them.

2. You don’t have any credit card debt.

If you have credit card debt, you should not be spending money on internet marketing training.

You won’t be in the right state of mind when launching campaigns if you have credit card debt on top of the training costs.

I care about your success, and I’m willing to sacrifice thousands of dollars with this policy.

3. You’re willing to work hard, and you don’t have unrealistic expectations.

No, you won’t become a millionaire within a few weeks. No, you won’t be able to copy and paste my campaigns and be profitable immediately.

What you will get is the most direct path possible to success in this industry. If you ask a question, you’ll get a full answer, and not the “non-answer” answer others like to give.

Do you fit the criteria? Keep reading.

What is Authority Accelerator Lite?

It means faster results. I will speed up your online marketing success by at least 10x.

I’ve really thought about the different ways that I could offer training.

This is not going to be an eBook or an online video course. I feel the best way to learn is through complete immersion.

– We’ll start with pre-online training to make sure everyone’s on the same level.

– The highlight of the training will be the in-person mastery workshops conducted 100% by me. I will fly to different continents (North America, Europe, and Asia) and teach people in person.

This will not be a seminar or lecture style. It will be an interactive workshop with you completing exercises and getting real-time feedback from me. This is the fastest way to learn.

– At this point most gurus have your money and disappear (or contact you just to upsell you). I am committed to your success. I will provide post-workshop training and ongoing support to help you get profitable.