Tony is one of my favorites. I remember first encountering him in my early personal development days with a bootlegged copy of Personal Power on my second generation iPod (remember the scroll wheel that clicked??) and marching up and down the neighborhood with wild chants.

It’s always fun to watch him try and train a room in 20 minutes on such complex and emotional subjects.
In fact, I didn’t really come away with a conclusion of what he was talking about…

So I re-watched the whole thing 3 more times and each time I learned more and more. Some times it was subtle and other times it was direct and to the point.

I’m curious… What did you hear or take away from this 20 minutes that can make you better at what you do?

Here are a few of mine:

  • The Why is what that motivates people
  • Decision is the Ultimate Achievement
  • Resources vs Resourcefulness.
  • Use resourcefulness instead of relying on resources
  • Emotion is the ultimate resource

Subtle – Tony got the audience to participate by interrupting their patterns and changing their emotions.

Your state changes your emotions.
What did you hear? Share your thoughts and comments below!