Affilaite Income Secrets by Mike ThomasAffiliate Income Secrets is a brand new course by Mike Thomas, famously named ‘Mike From Maine’. Affiliate Income Secrets claims it will show you “How An Ex English Teacher Makes $277 Each and Every Day with TWO Simple Youtube Videos…and FREE Traffic”. So is it worth your money and (more importantly) your time and effort to learn about Affiliate Income Secrets or is it like a Krispy Kreme Donut, tasting good but ultimately leaving you empty and wanting more? Read below to find out more…

Since 2008 Mike Thomas has made his name by interviewing 400+ internet marketers about their online businesses, their products and how they’ve found success. Along the way he’s picked up a lot a gold nuggets and (despite early struggles and setbacks) has become a bonafide 6 figure marketer in his own right. Mike is also known for being very candid and transparent about his own online journey as can be seen in his income reports.

So what exactly is Affiliate Income Secrets?

Affiliate Income Secrets a 12 part video training course that explains Mikes method for generating affiliate income.

Essentially what has worked for Mike is creating videos and blog posts for upcoming internet marketing launches. What we in the industry call ‘Launch Jacking’. By creating a simple pre-sell video but the upcoming product and then doing a thorough interview with the product owner Mike is able to provide value for internet savvy consumers who are on the lookout for trust worthy affiliate marketers who provide value.

Because given the choice, people will buy from people they ‘know, like and trust’. And there’s plenty to like and trust about Mike.

Mike also adds Listbuilding into this potent mix, and you’ve got a recipe for success. In fact I quickly implemented a few things from the course and you can view my results in the video case study below.

Watch this in-depth review of Mike’s new course – Affiliate Income Secrets.


Whats Included in Affiliate Income Secrets?

Like I said essentially what you get are 12 videos (wonderfully compact and concise) structured into 2 parts:

  1. All the fundamental understanding of the ‘system’ that Mike uses
  2. The actual action steps to make it happen


  • Video 1: Creating Your Empire – Discover how to get started with your “home base” on the web. Step one is getting your name out there and finding a place where people can find you. With Affiliate Income Secrets, you’re going to learn exactly why and how to do it.
  • Video 2: My Personal $277/day Blueprint – Take a look at my PERSONAL case study. Discover how Mike went from ZERO to THOUSANDS per month and well over $277 per day. You’ll learn exactly what he did and he doesn’t hold a thing back. Step 2 alone is virtually identical to the “guide” and programs everyone else is selling for $97.
  • Video 3: Income Cash Calculation System – Let’s talk about income. Learn how to track your expenses and stay in the black. Most businesses fail because they can’t manage numbers. We’re going to do what NO OTHER course does—we’re going to talk about managing numbers so YOU can be successful.
  • Video 4: Audience Conversion Cash Cow – The bigger your audience, the more money you can make. The secret to building an internet marketing presence is engaging with and growing your audience. I’ll show you what people want to hear and you’ll become a magnet that attracts them.
  • Video 5: The Authority Rub-off System– You don’t need to know ANYTHING right now about ANY NICHE. Mike show you how to become THE AUTHORITY on VIRTUALLY ANYTHING just by associating with people who are “in the know.” Discover how to become and expert overnight and get the leverage you need to build sales relationships and CLOSE.
  • Video 6: The VALUE Enhancer – I’ll show you what it means to PROVIDE REAL VALUE. Learn why you need to avoid useless content and how you can provide a true service that will have visitors coming back to you over and over again. When they keep coming back, you need profiting—either with your own products or through affiliate offers.
  • Video 7: Networking For PROFIT – Learn how to network with other people in your niche and turn your relationships into profit. We’re covering all of this before we even talk about product creation or affiliate marketing, because to REALLY understand marketing, you’ve got to know the big picture.
  • Video 8: Your Daily ATM – How to build your email list and market to it. Discover the value of hidden resources that can help you build a successful list that you can leverage to make THOUSANDS in passive income. Learn about the tools that internet marketers don’t want you to know.
  • Video 9: 24-Hour Product Creation – Sounds just like the title. Learn the basics of product creation and how to develop your own offers. This is where the REAL BIG money is in internet marketing. It’s not about BUYING something from someone else to sell—it’s about being the marketer who CREATES.
  • Video 10: The No-Product-Needed System- We’re saving the best for the END. You can’t master affiliate marketing until you understand the FIRST 9 STEPS of this program. Most courses start right out with this—where do they go wrong? Well, if you learned about affiliate marketing secrets first, you’d just leave the course confused.
  • Video 11: Scaling Secrets – How to be SMART about growing your business to make more money. Yes, you’re going to start making GOOD money immediately. But, to get to HUGE LEVELS OF PASSIVE INCOME that will allow you to never work again, you’ve got to re-invest that money into your business with intelligence.
  • Video 12: The $1 Start – Learn how you can get started making money tomorrow with just $1. Total investment including the cost of this course? $10.97. This is UNHEARD OF. No one gives away this kind of information and gets you started for that price.



In this section Mike gives you actionable steps that you can follow to repeat his success. There’s no theory here: Just a REAL blueprint that will get you from zero to hero!



There’s no doubt that the method and systems that Mike uses work. And thats what I find refreshing about this course is that Mike doesn’t shy away from the ‘W’ word. Mike courses teaches newbies and intermediates alike he most straight forward way to provide value and be paid accordingly. There are no push buttons or magic pills here. But by leveraging video and blog posts and listbuilding you can gradually build a profitable six figure building.

This course is aimed at beginners but even intermediates will get value out of it. I enjoyed Mike’s concise videos that were very much to the point. The pacing of the course means that it would be hard to be overwhelmed or overloaded. You could easily go through the whole course in under 2 hours and implement it in 3.

But I also feel that the conciseness occasionally sacrifices details. Mike talks about important points such as your ‘Home Base’ aka  Blog and Listbuilding but apart from a link to hosting and Aweber there is no further instruction about how to set these parts up. For an absolute newbie looking for step-by-step instructions about exactly how to set these crucial elements up then it would be real roadblock for them. Having said that, Mike goes into all the necessary details in his further upsells:

For $17 Affiliate Income Secrets is an absolute bargain that is worth your time and money investing in. Its an excellent mix of concise fundamentals and actionable steps. Mike lays out the real formula for making a living as an affiliate marker. However to truly get the most out of it you may need to purchase one or two of his up-sells.  This isn’t a deal breaker as they are very high quality content.


  • 12 Concise, clear and informative videos
  • Actionable content – clearly laid out step by step plan
  • Authentic and ‘real’ way to make money


  • Absolutely newbies will wish there was a ‘Aweber cheat sheet’
  • Video-challenged shy newbies will need to breathe deeply!


I give Affiliate Income Secrets 8/10 – A recommended purchase that passes the Pich Test!



Check out my case study and how much I earned… 🙂