Got 60 Days?

The 60 Day Video Challenge┬áis a contest by one of my favourite online mentors Zach Crawford of Psychologically Unemployable fame. It’s a open to members of Zach’s Success with Zach facebook group which has been instrumental in helping me take my online business and my professional habits to a whole new level through simple daily tasks mixed with healthy doses of inspiration and motivation by Zach himself.

Obviously the challenge goes for 60 Days in which we must post 60 videos. The ‘marketer’ who improves the most has the fortune of winning an iPad Mini.

To be honest I don’t want and or need an iPad Mini but it’s a wonderful gadget for my daughters (adding to the extensive range of Apple products we already own). Primarily I want to grow and extend myself as on online marketer and I believe video is an amazing tool to create trust and branding.

So here’s my first video posted on the 17th June: Video 1 of the 60 Day Video Challenge