Success in any endeavor, and especially online comes down to mastering the fundamentals and focusing on the essentials.

Turns out MOBE is no different.

The same goes with Isagenix or Empower Network. Or MLSP or any other opportunity, direct sales or multi-level marketing company you may be involved in.

The details may vary but the foundations are the same.

1. Getting people to your offer (Traffic)

2. Using marketing/ persuasion to get people to buy into your opportunity/ product. (Conversion)

Get those two fundamentals right and you’ve got the magical 5 letter word –


Sales means your family gets to eat tonight, and the rent is paid.

Or a whole lot more.

Jenny Jordan recently posted some incredibly useful words on Facebook (Facebook is useful?) which were intended to go to her team at the Lipstick Lounge.

Great name huh?

And she has graciously given me permission to re-print the post in its entirety. These are the 11 Steps you need to have in place to succeed with MOBE. And as you see you’ll they are just as applicable to any program or opportunity you may be promoting

If you read these 11 steps carefully you will discover that she’s literally giving you the whole farm away in regards to the formula to be successful online with your opportunity or your MLM.

Huge thanks again Jenny!

Wise Words from Jenny Jordan – Queen of the Lipstick Lounge.


When people join a program the big thing on their mind is to get traffic going to their offer. BUT with any business it takes time to learn and grow a business. So not to waste money you may wish to consider:

1) Have you been through the basic training, at least twice for MOBE its the 21 steps

2) Have you a decent landing paging that targets pain or pleasure in the ad copy?

3) Are you tracking your results?

4) Have you a free offer to add to the funnel?

5) What method of traffic are you going to use and master it for 2- 3 months

6) Do you know your Avatar?

7) Have you written your emails out for at least 10 days.

8) Are your emails getting opened? (need to check these in Aweber etc)

9) If they are not getting opened are you changing the headline?

10) Have you a swipe file? (A collection of high converting emails)

11) Do you send out a broadcast weekly to update your list?


I am sure that I have skipped through some steps but I hate ppl wasting money on things that won’t work unless you are doing these steps.

I am sure that you are looking at this and thinking WoW do I need to have this in place – and I would say to you YES. Its like giving you the keys to my new Mercedes and telling you to drive it – you would need to go through many steps just to get it out of the garage!

MOBE is the vehicle that will get you to where you are going but its not a race its a business and some businesses NEVER make money as they have missed steps in the set up don’t let this happen to you.

Jenny Jordan’s Story

7 years ago Jenny was stressed to the max with credit cards in meltdown mode.  She had a successful renovation business that collapsed due to the economy at the time and the banks were circling like sharks looking for their next meal.

Tragically she had only been married a couple of months when her husband was seriously injured in a road accident coming home from work. This accident had him have 12 operations and kept him in hospital 12 months – making her the main bread earner to pay off creditors and try to make the adjustments needed in her life.

Not able to work any harder as she was already working a full time job and then working in the reception at the club and coming home dog tired she tried to learn internet marketing as a way to support herself and her husband.

Jenny found out quickly that Internet marketing was a lot harder than she thought and she purchased program after program and each time she failed.  Even though she didn’t make any money she never gave up and she knew that it worked as she saw the people online making money….

One day she sat down in front of the computer and only half listened to a webinar that had Matt Lloyd on and she was so exciting and believed what he said about his MOBE (my online business empire).

Jenny found a company she could believe in and she has had more success with him than any other program.

Since that time she has

  • Traveled the world such as Fiji, Thailand, Cabo San Lucas, Costa Rica
  • Become an International speaker that educates and motivates from the stage
  • Mentors and coaches a small hard working individuals
  • Founded the “Lipstick Lounge” an all female group that I help them money online so that they don’t need to struggle like I did.
  •  I present at live meetings and seminars at locations around Australia

Pretty amazing story from a pretty amazing girl, right?

Well if you want to hear more of it or see her live then you’re in luck.


Click here to learn about her Sydney Mastermind

Visit Jenny’s Blog here or connect with her on Facebook here

So what did you learn here? What do you need to focus on?

What specific training would you like to see on this blog?

Comment below 🙂