I have been reading a book by Susan Sly and she talks about the ‘language of Goal Setting’. Susan is a leader in network marketing and a leader in Isagenix and she really does and mazing job of inspiring women (and men) . Obviously as a practitioner of setting and getting goals this caused my ears to perk up because I agree that language has power and we can create our world simply by changing our language.

She goes on by saying

‘Instead of saying I want it is ideal to write the goal as if it already happening. You mind doesn’t know any differently and the moment you write the goal in the present, the Universe – or God… begins to present the people, circumstances and events to make manifest your goal.

For example: Instead of writing, ‘I want to make $2,500/month’ write ‘I am easily attracting $2500/month in residual income from my home based business.’

The language of your goal must be specific, have emotion and utilise words that describe the simplicity of achieving the goal.

Also the goal should never be in the negative but in the positive.

So even though the goal ‘I am now debt free’ sounds good, a better goal would be ‘I am 100 percent cash positive with absolute ease and I feel great.’

So I have undertaken to rewrite my 100 goals to make sure they’re not only positive but also stated in the positive.

You can check out the newly changed 100 goals here.

Here are how my 100 goals looked previously…

My 100 Goals

  1. Safely Skydive
  2. Train to fire a gun and hit my target
  3. Swim 1000 metres
  4. Run a marathon
  5. Enter a MUDDER/ Spartan Race
  6. Achieve Master steps in Convict Conditioning
  7. Publish a book of poetry
  8. Complete Toastmasters Competent Communicator Handbook
  9. Become a Distinguished Toastmaster
  10. Fly first class
  11. Speak at a Tedx Event
  12. Go on a luxury cruise
  13. Spend a week at Club Med
  14. Visit Isagenix HQ in Arizona
  15. Run for office in a State Election
  16. Visit the three great Art monuments: Sistine Chapel, The Louvre, and the Dali Museum
  17. Learn to how to swing dance
  18. Attend a Tony Robbins Event
  19. Learn to converse in German
  20. Learn to converse in Khmer
  21. Sponsor a school/ orphanage in Cambodia
  22. Visit six major Australian tourist attractions: Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, Kakadu National Park, Ningaloo Reef, and Valley of Giants and Australia zoo
  23. Visit the Christmas Markets in Stuttgart
  24. Learn to snorkel and dive
  25. Learn Sleep Hacking techniques
  26. Publish a book on Amazon
  27. Learn 3 cool magic tricks
  28. Learn 4 of my favourite Khmer recipes
  29. To win a major Toastmaster award
  30. To be one of the top 3 Isabody Finalists
  31. Learn how to fish and catch one
  32. To do fifty pullups
  33. To be mentored by a millionaire
  34. Achieve brown belt in Wing Chun
  35. Mentor and Coach 10 associates to achieve Executive status
  36. Have a top 10 iPad app
  37. Feed 1000 people with charitable meals
  38. To help 100 third world entrepreneurs through Kiva
  39. To visit four Michelin Star restaurants
  40. To learn how to solve a Rubix cube
  41. Learn how to do some basic coding
  42. Create a wordpress theme
  43. Climb a mountain
  44. To share the stage as a speaker with some of my personal development heroes
  45. To be a grandpa and spoil my grandkids
  46. To appear on TV, radio & print as a famous speaker and trainer
  47. Volunteer at an orphanage for a month
  48. Create an Arts foundation
  49. Complete a Masters degree in Arts
  50. Spend a month in a Buddhist monastery
  51. Live as a vegetarian forĀ  a month
  52. Create a Pich family Trust
  53. Create a six-figure company and sell it
  54. To help raise more than $100,000 for charities and causes
  55. To become completely debt free
  56. To have enough residual income to not work for a year
  57. Create a public scultpure
  58. To win an IsaDerby
  59. To be an extra in a block-buster movie
  60. To appear in an award winning documentary
  61. To write more than 5 books in the area of Personal Developement
  62. Visit an observatory
  63. To earn more than a million dollars in year
  64. Learn how to play the Piano and Ukele
  65. To be able to take care of my family in Cambodia
  66. To own a luxury home and an Audi TT or a BMW
  67. Have dinner with Jim and Kathy Coover
  68. To appear on stage to accept a major award
  69. To speak on stage at a major convention
  70. To achieve 5 Star Golden Circle in Isagenix
  71. Purchase a professional film and photography set-up
  72. Visit Disney Land
  73. Bungee Jump from somewhere spectacular
  74. Reach level 10 in the beep test
  75. Become certified as a public speaker
  76. Learn how to play basketball, dribble competently and do lay ups
  77. Take a scooter with Iris through the streets of an old city
  78. To have the maximum number of friends on Facebook
  79. To create a family trust
  80. To create my own company
  81. Visit all the capital cities of Australia
  82. Learn how to beat box
  83. Learn basic break dancing/ hip hop moves
  84. Be able to bend over and touch my toes
  85. Compete in a fighting match
  86. Have a Top 20 blog in the Network Marketing/ Internet Marketing Field
  87. Have the No.1 Nutritional Cleansing, Health and Fitness Isagenix blog
  88. Have 10k twitter subscribers
  89. Have 2,000+ Fanpage likes
  90. Have 6000+ people on my mailing list
  91. Earn 6 figures in a year from my home business
  92. Create a ecourse
  93. Create a home study course
  94. Become a super affiliate
  95. Learn how to give a proper massage
  96. Complete a century ride
  97. Go Indoor Skydiving
  98. Go without internet for a month
  99. Complete Cold Shower Therapy
  100. To raise one million dollars for charity

Share with me your 100 goals blog post and I will link to it.