Every day you get to write a new page of the book that is your life.

Every week you write 7 new pages. Every month you have a new chapter and every year you have another hard cover bound book in the long running series that is all
about you.

Like all best sellers it has a bit of everything. Sometimes there’s action and suspense. Sometimes their laughter and sometimes tears.
Sometimes its depressing, like really depressing. You’re crying your eyes out its that sad. But then from out of nowhere the hero or heroine finds an inner
strength, finds a super power they never knew they had and then things get really interesting!

Sometimes the words just fly form the pages and sometimes not much happens for a while but the tiny details hook you in.
It’s quite an art-house book if you think about it.

You’re never sure if this is non-fiction or not. But really, who could make this stuff up right?

Sometimes some books look alot like previous books. You’re not sure if the writer ran out of ideas or got stuck in a loop. But then you realise the author was
just setting you up for a comeback.

Some books are written in a totally different font.
Some chapters are written in blood, sweat and tears.
Some lines are written in crayon (when you were learning to write).
Some characters continue on from past books, some leave, many stay and some characters die. You’re pretty sure this is a romantic love story, action adventure,
suspense comedy. Sometimes there’s zombies and vampires.

But you’ve always wanted to bust genres.

Regardless of what some of the ‘critics’ say its a pretty engrossing read. You never know what will happen next.
The one thing you can’t believe is that the book is already written. It’s not. It’s always BOTH a ‘work in progress’ and a ‘final edition’. It’s always being written in the present. The ink is barely dry, if you’re fast enough you might actually white out the last line.

If you’re unhappy with the current sentence thats ok just don’t write the rest of the chapter in that style.
If you’ve already written the chapter and you’re unhappy with it already thats ok just don’t continue the next book that way.
If you’ve already finished the the book thats ok you can start a new book and while it may not be your best work, the next books are bound to be off the charts. (Psst – you got like anther 50- 70 books you can write right??)
If you’re unhappy with your sentence, your page or your chapter don’t fret. All the best selling books read like the book you’re currently writing.

It’s called The Hero’s Journey.

The universe LOVES this type of story and the film adaptation is already in the works.

Mother Teresa once said ‘Allow yourself to be a pencil in the hand of God.’ Her book was so good its free now.

Allow yourself to write and be written by God. You have a destiny but you play an important role in making your mark on the page.

What already has been written is in the past. It’s already out the door. You can’t control how others will read it, you can’t control what the ‘critics’ will say.

All you can control are the words you write right now. FOCUS on that.

Realise that you can turn the page, anytime, and write a new line, a better chapter, an award winning story.

Its in your hands now.


Samith Pich

P.S Please send me a signed copy. I like to read all the greats.