It’s been a wonderful fortnight in my life with many winners and grinners. On the 28th of February I held ‘The Mango Tree Sundowner’ at Kulcha. I was actually really pleased with the turn out, and I believe it’s a viable strategy to get people who weren’t able to come for the opening to meet and greet. So instead of having one big bash it allows people to have a chance to be a part of the exhibition process. I was really thankful to have met the almost twenty people who came to see me and my Art, and I believe I actually had time to talk to most of them!

An hour into the evening with a rollickin reggae muffin DJ spinning some laid back tracks I did the draw for the painting ‘Dawning Love’ and for the second prize movie tickets. CONGRATULATIONS to Nathan Boonman for winning first prize and Manuel Reichert for winning the movie tickets. I called them the following day and both sounded pretty darn happy with the news! Oh, I almost forgot, I sold another painting that night – yay!


Iris delighting the crowd with her charm.

Adrian & Chad Kingston (OMG I hadn't seen Cad since highschool!!)

Hooray! Nathan Boonman won 'Dawning Love!'

On 25th February I partook in an Interactive Arts exhibition at the Perth Town Hall for the Media 140 Conference and exhibited ‘Sunset’ (Acrylic on Canvas). Tom Well (fellow artist) and Jennifer manned the exhibit with Fleur Allen and we all had a big chat fest with the crowd (though no paintings sold that night). And here’s something I want to point out. As an artist, if you really consider yourself one, you MUST network. Anyone who works for themselves must take the initiative and share what they have with people, and often those people are strangers. Because no one else will, can or should honk your horn as good as you. So, I sucked in as much courage as I could, swigged down my glass of orange juice and MADE myself talk to ten perfectly good strangers throughout the night. And while I made no sales, I got some good business cards, talked to some really interesting people, got emails and perhaps started friendships that will blossom later. I remember reading something form Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series that whenever he bumped into anyone or found himself around a large crowd he felt it was his duty to let them know about what he had to offer. Because in life, there are no coincidences there is only what you make it!

Media 140 Exhibition - you can juuust see my painting through the middle!

Tom and I in front of Tom's funky portrait - O yeah!

Finally, you can still see ‘Roses with Red Vase No.1 & 2’ at Ellis House until Sunday 7th Februay and they are available for purchase.

Roses & Red Vase No.1 & 2. Mixed Media on Canvas.

And I almost forgot! I got a message from Kulcha, Fremantle requesting I create a stylised drawing of their Balcony for a lovely fee. Needless to say I was happy to oblige!

Kulcha Commission Drawing, Ink & Water colour on Paper

Ok, that’s enough for now. Ciao and have a fantastic week!

warmest regards

Samith Pich

All images are copyrighted by Samith Pich 2010.