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Twice a year Matt Lloyd and MOBE host what has quickly been regarded as THE premier online marketing mastermind events in our industry and perhaps in any industry.

I’m currently packing and preparing to travel for a grueling 30 hours (flights and waiting in airports) to the Bahamas for the annual Titanium Mastermind Event. This year the mastermind event is being held at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.

The Titanium Mastermind is just that – a trainingnetworking event with some of the biggest names in the online space and business people today. Its 3 day mastermind conference and this year plans to be our biggest with a little over 350 people attending.

The Mastermind isn’t cheap, and it’s not meant to be with the value thrown in, with each attendee having paid 9k to attend. Matt has been putting some serious, serious thought into what he and the other speakers will be speaking about over the couple of days..

But obviously it won’t be ‘all work’ with such a splendid location, attendees will be treated to the best the Bahamas can offer in term of activities and scenery.

Before and after the event are ‘bonus days‘ for a select few. I will be conducting some training and masterminding with select attendees for ‘Titanium Immersion‘. After most of the attendees will be gone on the Sunday a few will stay behind for 5 days with a core group of 6 and 7 figure earners to plot, plan. mastermind, learn and focus on creating momentum in their business.

See more about it below!


In Matt’s Own Words…

In a Facebook comment Matt noted

“I realized that instead of just giving tactics that would easily be forgotten, I wanted to go a lot deeper than that, and offer something far more valuable.

So I’ve decided to talk about change, and implementation (at least in the first segment).

You see, I believe that the reason people don’t get results in their business is NOT because they don’t know how to get results.

But rather, it’s because of a general inability to execute consistently.

To do the right things, at the right times, on a regular basis.

Rarely is it a case of them not having the necessary know-how.

That’s like saying that people are unable to lose weight and get fit because they don’t know how.

We all know how.

You eat healthy… and you exercise.

So clearly it’s not a case of not having the right information or know-how.

And often, it’s the same for someone’s business.

They know what they need to do to get to the next level… yet they don’t do it.
In my opening segment at this mastermind, I’ll be revealing a systematic
approach for making serious change… that sticks.

The same approach I’ve used to radically transform MOBE from a start-up in my bedroom, to where it is today.

It’s Not What You Know…

It’s no secret that all the big earners get to the events. Events can become catalysts of change. They allow many an entrepreneur to step out of their home offices and to get out of the house. This change of scenery enables you to stop ‘working in your business’ and to start ‘working on’ your business.

So it’s definitely begs repeating,  events are incredibly powerful.

But how powerful? But more so than the speaking or the training are the people.

There’s no truer adage than ‘it’s not what you know it’s who you know’.

And events allow you to do just that. They allow you to network and mastermind with people who can potentially explode your business.

As is now the legend, a bit more than 2 years ago, John Chow would meet Matt Lloyd at a high end mastermind event. Where Matt would pitch John his MOBE license rights program. John became a licensee and when the opportunities arose he became Titanium and Platinum.

That fateful handshake and deal, which cost John Chow $26,000 to invest in, would help net John in excess of $1.2 million dollars in commission over the next two years (excluding prizes and awards).

Older photo 🙂

Note: Obviously results are not typical. John is a huge internet marketer. But it gives you the scope and potential of this business when down right.

So it pays to attend events!

If you’d like to learn how to create a 6 figure income form home, if you’d like to connect with the best and brightest in our industry, if you’d like me to coach you personally to get there. Simply get in contact with me and let me help you achieve your goals.


Ok back to packing!