I’m writing this at 7.30 in the morning, my mind is three quarters awake and supposedly the first half an hour of your morning is very important, because you’re at your clearest.
I’m writing this post more for me and two thoughts rest on my mind like a delicious dish of fish: Time and Gratitude. I’m thinking about Time because of many reasons – one, I’m writing an ebook about time management (So any suggestions would be much appreciated). Two, we’re always in Time like fish in water but often we’re never truly utilising it effectively, we use time but we don’t consider it. Or more specifically we don’t consider whether ┬áthe way we’re using time is actually assisting us. If we go back to the fish metaphor, I don’t know of too many fish that thrash about in the sea any more than they have to and conversely I know that many fish actually use underwater currents that can take them hundreds of kilometres with little time or effort. Time!
Secondly – gratitude. I believe I’m a pretty grateful person but I believe I can do more. As I move on with time I’m realising how grateful I am to be in it. Because the only time time wouldn’t matter would be when I’m, well, dead. Yesterday was a challenging, jumbled, cosy, PERFECT day. I cannot describe how perfect it was, simply because the day came to us just as it did and no other way. But here’s the clincher, and you can argue with me on this – perfect days cannot exist unless you are grateful for them and give them thanks.
The only difference between a good normal day and an outstanding day is 1) Knowing you spent time in what matters and more importantly 2) Being grateful. And the great thing about gratitude is that you can be grateful after, during or even before you actually have your day!
Thank you yesterday, thanks you today!

Warmest regards


p.s Now time for that coffee!