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Time Managment

Yesterday I discussed with my daughter my priorities, she was [...]

Time Managment2010-07-21T17:22:49+00:00

Socrates & the morning news

Socrates was approached by a friend during his morning walk. 'Hey Socrates! I have some juicy news to tell you!'

Socrates & the morning news2010-03-31T07:50:39+00:00

Winners and grinners.

It's been a wonderful fortnight in my life with many winners and grinners.

Winners and grinners.2010-03-04T21:57:30+00:00

Time & The Artist

I'm writing this at 7.30 in the morning, my mind [...]

Time & The Artist2010-02-22T07:45:48+00:00

Launch of ‘The Mango Tree’ @ Kulcha – success!

It was a perfect, balmy summer's evening on the 5th February when 50 - 60 people packed into Kulcha and celebrated the opening of my first solo Art Exhibition 'The Mango Tree'. Wine flowed, food was munched on and yours truely worked very hard to try and talk to everybody. I want to thank everyone for coming, and I believe it was a great night to have by all!

Launch of ‘The Mango Tree’ @ Kulcha – success!2010-02-13T20:28:26+00:00
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