Socrates was approached by a friend during his morning walk. ‘Hey Socrates! I have some juicy news to tell you!’

‘Wait’ said Socrates, ‘First, answer me three questions.’

‘Err… ok, said the man.

‘First’ said Socrates ‘This news you want to tell me, is it about someone you know personally?’

‘Err no,’replied the man. ‘It’s about a friend of a friend of a friend.’

‘Secondly,’ continued Socrates,’Is this news 100% true and reliable that you can vouch for?’

‘Err..No, but I was told the source is very reliable!’

‘Finally’ said Socrates, ‘Is this good news or bad news?’

‘Bad News…’ the man said slowly.

‘Okay’ said Socrates. ‘So let me see if I have this clear. You want to tell me bad news about someone you don’t know personally and you’re not even sure it’s 100% true?’

‘Well, I was going to’ replied the man sheepishly, ‘until you put it that way!’