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When I was a younger, more foolish and frankly not as good looking lad I had a good dose of commitment-phobia.

Call it what you will but I was always ‘seeking greener pastures’ and looking to ‘divide and conquer’.

And as a younger man of leisure who could not have forgiven me for thinking that the world was my oyster.

So I flitted from here to there, and just about everywhere…

Yes I broke a few hearts

But I was a foot-loose and fancy free.

And just to be clear…

I’m talking about business. Not women.

Because growing up I had about as much romantic charm as Donald Trump (without the bazillions to back it up with).

And while I could dream, the only only women who would hit on me where my younger sisters (and their heavy hand bags).

You see whether you’re talking about business or women the result are the same…

Until you commit 100% to your business (just like a woman) you’ll never get the best from them.

Sure it may be fun to try different ventures until you find ‘the one’, perhaps even necessary, but don’t do it for too long.


finally finding the ‘RIGHT ONE’ and getting down on one knee

and in your best most heart felt voice saying,

‘Baby…we’ve been together for a long time… you know how I feel about you… I think its time… and pretty sure that I’m… 70% committed to you and I lo-‘

Before you could continue you’d get a slap in the face!

Because you said you were 70% sure!

Imagine asking a woman to marry you and saying you’re only 70% sure of your life commitment!

You’d never get a yes!

Well a business is no different, until you commit 100% to your business (no on the side shenanigans) you’ll never know true riches and happiness.

So this Valentines day perhaps its time… to go all out… and give your business 100% of your commitment.

And for less than than the cost of a single rose you can show it how much you care by going here.


Much Love,


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