Spring Is In The Air…

There are few things as glorious as Perth in September, in regards to the wheather anyways. During the last few Real Group Fitness sessions I’ve run the weather has really put itself on display, gloriously sunny (but not overly hot) tempered by a whistful cool breeze. Having said that, last night at Toastmasters it literally poured down so hard that there were occassions when the speakers had to yell abourd the durge! Yep sounds like Spring is here…
 I just wanted to update you on what’s going on in my life (not that anyone could possible care as much as me) but things are moving fast and happening faster than ever before it seems pertinent to bring together all the strands of my life together and weave them into a tighter narrative…


 I am currently doing a fitness challenge called the Bizzy Diet. You can read about it here.  It’s actually a really simple 21 day work out routine. I’m not following the diet because I have Isagenix. But the workout is simple (You have upper body and lower body days with interval cardio at the start) None of the excercises are hard, it gets a decent sweat (no breaks) and I’m sure it will get results. The main reasons why I am doing it are:
  • Increase lean muscle and muscle definition
  • Increase aerobic ability
  • Create a habit of going to the gym 5 times a week (Gotta make the most of the gym membership)
  • Create a habit of waking up earlier. I needed a reason to wake up early
  • My guys at Real Group Fitness are getting pretty fit, and I wanna make sure I can walk the walk and not just talk it! 😛
  • 21 Days to reach a good standard isn’t too long or too short to see some results. I’m feeling the results at the moment…ahhh the sore triceps!

On a personal/ mental side:

 Every second Monday Nights are dedicated to Toastmasters, and I am very proud to say that I recieved the Award for Best Speech (photo) on the night for my very first toastmasters speech my Icebreaker ‘What’s In A Name?’


Things are progressing well at the moment. Regular Relief teaching work, Real Group Fitness Sessions, Isagenix and the occassional Art workshop at Cabernet & Canvas are keeping everything humming nicely and above board. My total debts are now down to under $9000. Which while still a lot is much better than before. As the saying goes: Make Hay while the sun shines!

In an effort to bring my debts down further I will be dedicating October to some debt-relief projects which includes selling work at crazy bargain basement prices to essentially get rid of them and create some emotional and physical room for newer and better things. So if you’ve ever wanted to collect a Samith Pich painting next month is the time…!

Every second Tuesday are dedicated to Isagenix meetings. There’s a wonderful vibe with the Isagenix meetings, lots of new people joining and new pumped up members like Darren & Fleur make the place an exciting place. On a financial note I got paid another cycle today. Whata  wonderful surprise and gift to hekp people AND be paid.

Real Group Fitness is happening Sunday mornings at 9.30am and now Thursday evenings at 5.30 at Hillcrest Park, Bayswater. I am so proud of my little band of merry men and women doing the small things to improve their help 🙂
Karen Milligan of Cabernet&Canvas fame has been keeping me busy with Art workshops and workshop commissions. She’s inspiring proof that you can’t hold a (pregant) woman down, she’s making things happen and working her business while almost 9 months pregant now!
I have been working as a relief teacher since June now and I must say it again – I absolutely LOVE beinga  relief teacher. Everyday is new, varied and NOTHING to bring home and do which gives me the emotional space to do all these other crazy things that I do like Art, Isagenix and Group Fitness. I’ve been lucky to almsot being a permant relief teacher at Ballajura Community College, an absolutely wonderful school (don’t believe all teh stuff you read in the news) and the students, facilities are only matched by the deidcationa dnfun of the teachers. Since I’ve been able to relief here so much I have been able to create some realtionships with the students and staff that have made working here all the more enjoyable.

The Family:

Nalina is truely a ray of sunshine in the Pich family atm, she brings joy and smiles where ever she goes and we all seem to be happier becuase she brings out the caring loving side of all of us. This growing family remains my number one reason why I do everything I do and why I also try so hard to improve our place in the world by concentrating on how I can improve myself and provide value to the world around us.


This week I will meet the incredibley talented Federick Loo for some photography work so I can create some branding portrait shots. If anyone can make me look good its Federick! lol
I’m reading an incredibley inspiring book at the moment ”  Steal like an Artist. Ten Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative. ” by Austin Kleon.  You can read my review of it here. It was reccomended by the lovely and talented Malini Parker. And honestly, if it’s good enough to inspire her, its something i gotta read.
The book has inspired me to imagine a life of painting again, and also it’s given me permission to do something I had honestly always done and that is to ‘honestly’ steal and copy from all the things I love. (You gotta read the book or my review to understand!)
September brings with it new life and Spring. A time of growth and reknewal. And that’s how excatly I feel – reknewed by love, inspiring writers and artists, and the abundant Perth sunshine…
What do YOU love about Spring or September? Share your thoughts and comments below. And share the love by sharing via Facebook or Twittering or Google Plusing this blog post. Thanks and Ciao!