Perth Skyline at Sunset

Perth at Sunset. Copyright 2012 10Vizzuk.


As Semptember comes to a close Perth has been witness to the best (and zaniest) of Mother nature. This September RoundUp is dedicated to Perth’s weather. Thursday we were treated to  one of the wettest and coldest days in living history (too much of an over-statement?). It was so bad I even had to cancel thursday night Group Fitness Training! Nooooooo. Howling through the corridors of Ballajura Community College came a wind straight form the heart of the antarctic itself, or the cold cold heart of hell, either one.

And today, wow, it was a text book case of what you can do with a noticeably warm sun on your skin, a clear fluffy clouded day with a wistfully cool breeze and the best show on earth in regards to Kings Park wildflower Festival. As we drove into Kings Park we were treated with carpets of serene green and breath taking carpets of Ever-lastings.
Kings Park Wild Flower

Kings Park Wildflowers. Copyright 2012 A.Rutherford1

Highlights of September Round Up:

1. Getting awarded third place in the Toastmasters TableTopics Competition and award best speech for my very first Toastmasters speech. You can read it here.
2. I got to meet with the extremely talented Federick Loo to get some portrait work down for future website and blog renovations. It may sound weird but I think the pictures he took are too good to show, that, and I’m too lazy to upload them at the moment.
3. We visited the magical abode that is Sushee’s Croft place in Mahogany Creek and meet lots of wonderful people and more Bai’hais (omg – what a name for a suburb – Mahognay Creek!).
4. I signed up 2 more Isagenix consultants this month.

Special Highlight:

I have been slowly working my way through the best blog writing course I have ever done called ”Start A Blog That Matters.” (Affiliate link) and in my blogging travels I have encounter some blogs that are slowly changing my life and perception of life.
Blogs I am reading and continue to read (in no particular order of importance:

Special Blog Highlight:

Joel Runyon has taken the cake for most inspiring blog atm about of all things – doing impossible things. He’s inspired me to create my own impossible list which you can read here.
As September I’m greeting the long stretch of wonderful weather. I’m feeling energised and ready to tackle the world. In fact atm I’m tacking my first impossible list task – the 100 Pushup challenge. I hear by declare I will perform 100 consecutive pushups before 1 January 2013.
If you want to take the challenge with me all the training guides and instructions are here!
warmest regards
Samith Pich