I came across this pretty cool motivational video on Facebook that was titled Reality Motivational Video and I thought it would be cool to share it with you.

Sometimes when you’re feeling a bit down or unproductive (yes it happens to all of us) you need something to give you a kick up the back side.

This video is a perfect mixture of awe inspiring and ass kicking.

Warning: If strong coarse language offends you you way want to view another motivational video on Youtube or you can simply chuckle at this video instead.

I actually got this video transcribed for your viewing pleasure. Thanks John!




The world is always changing.

The world is always shifting around, it’s always changing.
And it’s not gonna stay the way you always wanted it to stay, it’s just not.
There’s a 0% chance that the universe is gonna stay exactly as you wanted it to stay.

Life is your experience and life is about finding joy in that experience that your having in your journey, basically when you have a journey, what the journey is gonna do is expose weaknesses in your character its gonna expose weaknesses and focus on the soft aspects of your personality. Things that you’re weak about, things that are making you a little bitch, things that you’re being a pussy, things that you are a whining little fuck, things that you’re not old enough, things that are just like fucking lame about yourself, they’re not up to par, they’re not fucking tight, that are not awesome, that are not wewsh, you know what I’m saying right?

That’s what journey does. And it exposes the shit out of it. whenever you have some journey, you’re gonna have to change, you’re gonna have to change the way that you view yourself, you’re gonna have to change your behavior, your gonna have to change your discipline, you’re gonna have to change your focus, you’re gonna have to transform into something that you are not.

And then you’re gonna have to kill that thing, and then transform into some other thing, and that your gonna have to kill that thing and you have to transform as another fucking thing. You know, even an animal, right, say some ah like, you know, an overplayed cheesy example, would be, when a caterpillar transform into a butterfly right. When the caterpillar does that, the caterpillar is gone now. It had to transform itself. And probably that wasn’t like, pleasant. So, you know, when you take the journey, you’re choosing to experience the degree of pain, you’re choosing to, ah, have that pain that harden you, when that shit happens that good. That’s real good, you need to actually have fucked up experiences, in order to learn.

You can view it as a chore and as a annoying impediment to you getting out of pain or you can view it as this fun thing the kind that brings joy in life, the kind that bring you know, that gives you something to do and keep evolving. but on the flip side, when you’re always evolving, that’s when you’re gonna be the most happy, alright, you’re generally gonna find that gonna make you a happier happier person. Thatís gonna bring you real satisfaction in life.

There is no satisfaction in just getting a certain amount of money, and getting a certain girl in this joint for most people. The happiness in life is not about what you get, it’s about mainly of who the person you’ve become. Look at some of the petty shit that some people get mad about, no it’s not crazy, that petty petty stuff that makes people angry, I have a theory, you wanna know why people get angry over petty stuff? I think they think ah, unconsciously they think they’re gonna live forever. If you think that you gonna live forever, of course your gonna be mad about something petty, cause you gonna be like, ah this thing is annoying me, right now Iím annoyed, But actually youíre not gonna live forever. So even a shitty moment in your life is still a moment in your life.

It’s up to you how you’re gonna take it how you want.



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