October has been a busy month for painting, which is probably why it’s taken till the end of October to finally create a post about it! (That, and my propensity for procrastination…)

Late last month I was involved in the wonderful group exhibition ‘Expressions’ at the Old Bakery, Maylands. This month I was involved in a group exhibition with Interactive Arts headed by the wonderful Fleur Allen, called Seasons at the wonderfully charming Moores Contemporary Art Building.

A little less than a year ago, Fleur canvassed her Interactive Arts members for a theme for an exhibition at the said building. And yours truely, actually thought of the idea as I was thinking about the ‘seasons’ of our lives, and of nature. Fleur loved the idea and the rest is history!

Most of the paintings were completed in the October holidays just two weeks before the holidays. But even with such little time I was really happy with the results and I hope you are too. Here’s the paintings. AND I’m pleased to say two sold just a day or two before opening night. Yay!

I must also say, the paintings were hugely influenced by a painting workshop held by the amazing Malini Parker. Her grace, wisdom and knowledge of how to bring out our inner artists would be hard to beat. She supported me in my conscious effort to experiment with more abstract techniques and to consider the amount of ‘emotional intensity’ I could place on the canvas.

Overall my concept for the Seasons artworks was not to just create pretty pictures of flowers for Spring and Snowy landscape for winter but to deeper explore the connotations and feelings we experience in these seasons. I wanted to communicate the seasons we have for our minds,  and the seasons for our lives. So yes the paintings are a shift away from my ‘usual’ style but I hope they still evoke the feelings that my paintings usually evoke.

'Incalescence', 2011. Mixed Media on canvas. 91.5 x 91.5cm. $1100 - Summer


‘Provenance’, 2011. Mixed Media on canvas. 91.5 x 91.5cm. $1100 – Autumn SOLD

'Whitewash', 2011. Mixed Media on canvas. 91.5 x 91.5cm. $1100 - Winter

‘Solace', 2011. Mixed Media on canvas. 91.5 x 91.5cm. $1100 - Spring SOLD