One of the most scariest things you can do is to be accountable.

I guess the reason its so scary is that people don’t like failing and they don’t like letting other people down. By making yourself accountable to others you potentially could fail and have others know you’ve failed. Yet it’s also one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself, for your own personal development and your business. Especially when it comes to goal setting!

Much has been written about goal setting and writing down your goals, and for good reason, because it works!

In 2008, Dr Gail Matthews of the Dominican University of California, recruited 267 participants froma  wide variety of professions (lawyers, accountants, non-profit employees, marketers ted.) to take part in a study into the effectiveness of goal setting without writing down the goals versus writing down the goals on a piece of paper and keeping it. Those who wrote down their goals were 39.5 percent more likely to accomplish them.

But theres more to the story. Further into the study it was discovered that participants who wrote down their goals and sent progress reports to their friends were 76.7 percent more likely to achieve them. So if you have a goal, and a burning reason to complete it, it pays in so many ways to not only be clear about your goal by writing it down but also to be accountable.

It’s really something that most of us know about similar to studies that shown that people attend the gym twice as much if they have someone to go with them. If only because you don’t want to let the other person down!

So in an effort to be transparent, accountable and ultimately successful in my goals I am putting my goals out there.

I have broken my goals down to 4 main areas: Business, Health/ Fitness, Personal and Financial. Obviously I could have a dozen or so goals but I have purposefully limited them so I could focus on my most important outcomes.

With all my areas of life and the corresponding goals I have asked myself this question:

‘Whats the ONE THING I can do (In this area) such that by doing it, everything will be easier or unnecessary?’

This question came from the amazing book ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller’ which I highly recommend you read and I will review in a later blog post.

But its a question that gives great answers because it forces you to focus on whats important.

I have some major goals in life and I realised that the things which would help me the most in reaching them was in the above four areas.

So without further ado my 6 month goals:

By 13th December 2013 I will have achieved

1.  The rank of 2 Star Silver Circle in my Isagenix Perth business ($1000 per week residual)

  • Get 100 NO’s
  • Rank my Isagenix site for 5 keywords in the top 3 search results

2.  Complete 2 of the 6 Convict Condition Master Steps

  • Level 10 in the Beep Test

3. Complete Toastmasters Competent Communicator handbook

  • Speech 7
  • Speech 8
  • Speech 9
  • Speech 10
  • General Evaluator
  • Table Topics
  • Inspiration

4. Pay $3,000 off debts.

However I think you have to go further with goals and break them down even further. So I actually have a 4 week goal for the month of June. I have made myself accountable by putting two big reminders in my room, its on my phone and I have 4 people I have asked to be accountability partners with. You can see I really want this!

By Sunday 23rd June I will have:

  1. Completed my Isagenix website
  2. Posted 10 Blog Posts
  3. Paid $500 off my credit card debt
  4. Completed Level 1 in Convict Conditioning training regularly at least twice a week
  5. Get 30 Nos.
  6. Given 2 Toastmaster speeches

So thats me being accountable and of course I will create a blog post detailing my progress, my successes and my failures.

So the question remains. Who are you accountable to? I’d be happy to be one of your accountability partners.

And what are your goals for June? Comment and share them below and we can all reach our goals together!