The Impossible List or as I like to call it ‘I’m Possible List’

• is not a bucket list.
• A final, definitive list of all my lifetime goals.
• A guideline for anyone else’s life (though you’re welcome to steal it – I know I did).
• Actually it’s not even my idea.

My impossible list is inspired by the writings of Joel Runyon over at his Blog of Impossible Things as well at his Impossible HQ.

I read his ‘Impossible Manifesto’ all in one sitting and it inspired me and seem so congruent with what I wanted to do in my life. You can read the original blogpost here and/or download his manifesto directly by clicking here.

Essentially the Impossible List is a challenge. It’s a personal challenge to myself to do all the things I thought I never could do. It’s here to keep me accountable and to serve as inspiration that you can go and do things you thought were once impossible as well. I figure I am going to live until I am 93 years old that gives me atleast 60 years to complete most of these impossible goals.

Maybe you’re tired of knowing exactly what you can and cannot do. Perhaps you’re tired of others telling you what’s possible for you. The truth is anything is possible.

I’ll be posting regular updates on my blog about my journey about my successes and my failures (of which there will be plenty for sure!). It’s okay to fail. Just get up one more time afterwards. Some of these things will be done over a short period of time, others will take a life time. Either way, almost none of these things will be easy to accomplish but with some peserverance, and perhaps some divine grace from God perhaps I can actually achieve all of these impossible goals. Because the impossible, isn’t.

It always seems impossible until its done. – Nelson Mandella

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Today I have dubbed the Impossible List to I’m Possible List. In no particular order.

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#ImpossibleList #100Goals

1. Retire Iris from having to work and allow her to pursue her passion of studying nutrition by Nov 2014
2. Become Debt free
3. Own a Mercedes Benze without paying for it and have the license plate “PICH 05”
4. Holiday with the family in a Titanium Mastermind
5. Holiday with the family in the Platinum mastermind
6. Win an Isaderby  and holiday as a Family
7. Fire a gun
8. Run 3 races in Perth in one year – Colour Run, City to Surf and BF Run
9. Complete Tough Mudder and Spartan Race
10. Buy our dream home
11. Get a spoodle for Iris
12. Create my first information product
13. Learn ballroom dancing with Iris
14. Speak in every city in Australia
15. Create a video blog every week for a year
16. Join a million dollar mastermind
17. Sponsor a school in Cambodia
18. Ensure that all my cousins, niece and nephews in Cambodia have access to good education paid for
19. Give out 100 Kiva loans
20. Bench press twice my body weight
21. Redo 100 Push up challenge
22. Redo Cold Shower therapy
23. Have 1k Subscriber List
24. Swim in a beautiful coral reef somewhere tropical in the world
25. Climb a small mountain
26. Spend a month in a buddhist monastery
27. Attain level 5 in Wing Chun
28. Go to a Movie Premier Red Carpet
29. Be an Extra in a  film
30. Publish my book of poetry “Pocketful of Ivory”
31. Have a sold out Art exhbition
32. Visit an Olympic opening ceremony
33. Visit Rome and the Sistine Chapel
34. Create an Arts foundation
35. Create a million dollar IM coaching company
36. Live a vegetarian life for a month
37. Go without alcohol for a year
38. Meditate daily for a month for 20 mins
39. Complete 50 pullup challenge
40. Complete 5 perfect one armed pushups (both sides)
41. Go Sky Diving
42. Speak at a Ted X event
43. Become a Distinguished Toasmaster
44. Have a Star wars Marathon
45. Learn how to Cook my favorite 5 Khmer recipes and create an Info product
46. Have a Blog in the Top 10 MLM Blogs
47. Make $250,000 in one year
48. Paint a portrait of everyone in the family
49. Visit three great places for an Aussie Holiday: Bali, Singapore and Phuket
50. Have a best selling book on Amazon
51. Swim 1000 unassisted
52. Take Iris out on 10 amazing dates (i.e The Bachelor dates)
53. Go on a  family Holiday to Club Med
54. Go star gazing at the Observatory in GinGin
55. Go backstage at a concert
56. Employ a VA and a Personal Assistant
57. Not shave or cut my hair for a month
58. Run a webinar
59. Attain Executive level in Isagenix
60. Create a company and family trust
61. Create an iPhone App
62. Have a WSO of the day
63. Write a manifesto
64. Create a Fanpage to 1K
65. Create a $5k Coaching program
66. Do a handstand for 30 sec unassisted
67. Get an autograph of an A list movie star
68. Speak on stage with one of my personal development heroes
69. Go to a nudist beach
70. Practice Yoga everyday for a month
71. Learn 3 simple magic tricks
72. Complete 10 one legged pistols (both sides)
73. Learn how to converse in basic German
74. Learn how to speak basic Khmer
75. Have a six pack abs
76. Hire a house cleaner
77. Be a finalist in an Isabody Challenge
78. Design and get a custom tattoo
79. Go camping with the family under the stars
80. Attend an Anzac day dawn service
81. Save $50k in my saving account
82. Stay for a couple of days on a tropical secluded island with Iris, drinking cocktails and swimming in the sea
83. Visit my relatives in US
84. Travel across the US
85. Visit Disneyland
86. Complete Philosophers notes and spend 1 week on each note
87. Visit a Mosque and pray
88. Get the Platinum ring
89. Buy some land on the moon
90. Gain 5 kilos of lean muscle
91. Appear on TV and get interviewed
92. Speak for a fortune 500 company
93. Make $10k in one day
94. Complete Convict conditioning
95. Learn to play the Yukele
96. Create a dream office in my dream home
97. Fly first class
98. Learn how to be a better lover
99. Buy and wear a custom tailored suit
100. Become a fantastic highly paid public speaker

The Impossible Isn’t. (It’s just bloody hard…)
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