The Next Stage of the Journey…

In 2012 things started to change when I began seeking some mentors, online and off. And yes it involved spending more money!

However in doing so I learnt the fundamentals and the two most important elements to success: Focus and Proximity.

1. Focus on the fundamentals. Focus on one business model. Focus on one thing at one thing.

2. Proximity being getting really clear about who I had around me and who I would let influence me. I learnt the power of masterminds, mentors I could trust and systems that I could leverage.

I learnt to pay the price.

I didn’t always pay it everyday or even perfectly but I learnt to start paying it effectively.

In my first 4 years I made around $50 online… like seriously!

By the end 2012, I had my first $1000 month, then my first $1000 week, then my first $5000 month etc..

In 2013 I quit teaching, knowing that it was unlikely there would be any teaching positions for me next year.

(It was a sad but empowering feeling to tell my teaching authority to go stuff themselves when they reprimanded me for not renewing my teachers registration!)

I quit all the side jobs, all the extra curricular I even paused my network marketing business.

It was make or break time baby!

And I began working on my dream of working full time online from home.

In 2013 I was fortunately enough to have earned my first six figure year and I started taking my skills into the marketplace. Helping small 1 person businesses and 7 figure multi-national businesses.

I learnt that this business is a business of self-determination.

Its not about faking it to you make it, it; about stepping into your greatness, always working on yourself and seeking to give lots of value.

You need to believe in yourself and create high expectations. But you also need the support of others and the commitment to carry out the small, mundane, everyday tasks that will lead you to success online and off.

Life Today

Celebrating Nalina's BirthdayToday things are very different from the hectic, desperate life of a few years ago.

Gone are the days of looking at the screen and wondering how I was going to pay the bills. Yes I still work hard but my business works around me. I’m clear about when I work and when I don’t.

Today I make 6 figures+ while working from home, avoiding the morning commute and when I want to talk to the boss I simply look in the mirror.

He tells me to get back to work.

(And grab him a tea while I’m at it.)

I have a business that brings in tens of thousands of dollars a month almost on auto-pilot and while thats good thats not where I get most of my kicks.

Firstly I’m a family guy so being with my friends and family is my biggest WHY.

Next on the list is that even though I’m no longer a teacher, I’m STILL a teacher (if you get my drift).

My biggest pleasure in life is helping people get from Point A – B in creating a successful online business that provides for them and their families.

So while I could be on the beaches of the world and holidaying all the time, where you will see me most of the time is actually at my computer desk, with a cup of warm green tea, and a headset helping someone navigate the online world.

Because the question truly is – Not how can you make money?

But what would you do with your time once money isn’t an issue?

Well I would continue to teach and coach.

And travel and speak and train. And read lots of personal development books.

And drink tea. Lots of tea.

It’s about learning to embrace being uncomfortable as a part to becoming comfortable. And the process of getting uncomfortable is through action – that is what gets you results.

Intentions don’t pave the way to success. Actions do.

My Mission Today

Today I find my “WHY” is to help people realise that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. I enjoy helping people create a better lifestyle for themselves and their family.

I believe anyone can achieve the lifestyle they want for themselves if they really want success bad enough.

Like Rocky Balboa bad.

If you’re looking for someone to help you create a lifestyle and online business that will allow you to achieve financial and time freedom then you’re in the right place.

This business isn’t hard to create a full time income if you have the right mentor, set a goal and take daily action to move you towards your dreams.

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