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Q: How long are the steps?
A: On average the steps are 30-60 mins long. Some are longer, most are shorter than that.

Q: How Many Steps are there again?
A: 21

Q: Whats the guarantee again?
A: That if you do all the steps and follow all the recommended actions of your coach in the 21 steps and if you haven’t made $1000 then you’ll get $500 deposited into your Paypal account

Q: Is that for real?
A: Yep. Awesome huh?

Q: Who’s had success with this?
A: Check out here

Q: Do you have a subscriber only bonus if I sign up under you?
A: Absolutely please check out My Top Tier Tier Business Bonus

Q: Hey I was told I wouldn’t have to pay anything until I made $50,000 through this system, but my coached offered programs to buy! What gives??
A: Beacuse we understand that people have diferent goals and situations Matt LLoyd gives several opportunities to invest in high ticket/ high return products. These are optional. Depending on your circumstance it will be up to you to decide whether its a good fit for you or not. Either way whether you invest or not you will be supported during the 21 steps.

Q: You say to do a minimum of one step a day can I do more than that?
A: Yes absolutely, if you’ve got the time. However I cauction against rushing through the course – I would rather my students have a good understanding and take time to absorb the info (there’s a lot there!)

Q: Realistically, how much money do I need to keep this system running?
A: Well it depends on your goals, and your time frame. Honestly you can do this whole business for free. And there are guys on Facebook who are crushing it. However, as you will soon be educated ‘Free Traffic’ is not leveraged. True business people don’t get rich by talking to one person at a time! I highly suggest that for whatever figure you have in mind to earn in a month (you be prepared to put aside up to a quarter in traffic costs i.e You want to make $10,000 per month then be prepared $2,000 for marketing. Now I’ve never paid that much of advertising but I have different skill sets etc).

Q: I’m not a techie! Can I really do this?
A: I’m not a techie either. If you can open and send emails and do basic stuff on Facebook you should be fine. However I do recommend getting Skype reliable fast speed internet as theres heaps of video lol

Q: Can I go over the videos and training at a later time?
A: Yes absolutely. Once you’re accepted you’ve got access to this training for ever

Q: What are the hidden costs?
A: There are no ‘hidden costs’ However there are plenty of opportunities. The truth is, everyone is different and everyone has different goals. Some people have high goals and want to get there quicker and some people don’t won’t that for whatever reason.
What Matt LLoyd does is he simply puts on the table various options. And I underline option able. Its up to you to take the offer. Nothing is pushed on and whatever your choice we;re here to support you through the 21 steps
Having said that 3 of the most power options are MOBE, Platinum Mastermind and Titanium Mastermind.

Q: I have absolutely no money and I used my grocery money on this can i truly make $10,000 per month using just MTTB
A: Firstly, if I was your coach I would cheerfully give you a refund, no kidding! You need to eat! Could you get to incredible monetary height using only free methods and not paying a cent more. Anything’s possible but highly improbable. Do you see any other six businesses running themselves on no cost? And ultimately what you are investing is is a REAL business.

Q: Can you do the 21 steps for me and give me the money when you’ve done the work?
A: Sure, why not? While you’re there can I make you a ham sandwich? *hangs up phone and refunds client*

A: I need to go away/ I’m busy for a wile can I pause my steps?
Q: Of course. Take as much time as you need!

Q: You mentioned there was an ugly side to MTTB, what is it?
A: Unfortunately you may have to see me on Skype with bad bed hair… *Queue horror music*

Q: Will You be my coach, Sam?
A: I would love to be your coach! But I can’t guarantee that I will be your coach. Actually, I truly mean this when I say that ALL the coaches are amazing people who are great at serving others.

Q: Are you single??
A: Err.. No. [Awkward silence]