Every online business can be boiled down to these two essential components:

Traffic and Conversions.

When you have sufficient amounts of both you get that magical final ingredient: Sales.

If you’re not where you want to be in your business, it because you’re either not getting enough conversions. Or you’re not getting enough consistent traffic.

If conversions is your engine then traffic is your fuel.

For a long time now I’ve been focussed on conversions – going for quality not quantity. I’ve found you can still build a quality business with only 10-20 quality leads a week. But thats all about to change as I take my business to the next level..

Vince ReedSo I enlisted the help of Mr Traffic. Otherwise known as Vince Reed.

Vince is the King of Paid Advertising.

Paid advertising platforms include:

Facebook PPC (Pay per Click)
Bing PPC
Twitter Ads
Instagram Ads
Mobile PPC
Retargeting PPC

It’s very hard to find someone who is good at ALL these areas. Its’ even rarer to find someone who can teach it and gives so much value!

You’ll be hearing a lot more traffic case studies in 2016. I’m currently working on a Twitter Ads case studies where I got 20 leads in a day for under 60 cents each!

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Why Paid Traffic?

When you’re starting out it easy to be lured by the free.

Free reports, free training, free money, free traffic!

But if you’ve ever done SEO, or blog writing or any form of social media marketing you quickly learn Free is never truly free. In fact it can get very expensive.

And I’m not just talking about the tools you will need to get any free traffic strategy to really get off the ground. I’m talking about time. That precious commodity.

And sure, you can outsource it (but then it’s no longer free).

Because here’s the truth. No matter if you’re Oprah or the guy next door. We all only have 24 hours a day.

You can’t scale you’re own time. But you can use it purposefully.

If you are going to consider yourself a real business then you will need to have a marketing budget. A budget that you use to just test various traffic sources and to find out what works for you.

Even $100 – $200 is fine as a start. But just start.

Then when you start making profits you can invest more into traffic. And as your profits start paying for your advertising you now have something very special. You can start acquiring customers for free! Otherwise known as a funded proposal.

If you’d like to get some truely quality traffic training the A-Z Traffic Lead Genration training is a great start