Do you have a mindset of steel? Or does it feel more like spaghetti sometimes?

During my time online I’ve done so much training in almost every facet of running an online business but I can tell you right now the training I always keep coming back to over and over again, is mindset training.

I often tell my students:

‘Success in business is 80% mindset. And when things are tough (which is guaranteed to happen) it’s 100%.

Meaning how you think about yourself, what you say to yourself on daily basis and your beliefs about your potential will make or break you.

And often the people and places we get our initial mindset training form are not the best teachers.

At the beginning of 2015, I thought my mindset was strong but I knew there were still holes in it.

And because I had big goals for myself I knew I had to enlist the help of someone I greatly admire to work with me.

And in one of those serendipitous events he was having a coaching special on…


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So my Mindset and Mission Accomplishment coach is none other than JT Debolt.

Ex-Fighter Pilot, International speaker, Ass kicker and ridiculously nice and humble guy.

We’ve been working together for about 11 months and my online results have increased 600%.

He taught me how to have a mission rather than goals. He taught me to walk confidently with the warrior spirit. And he taught me that great leaders are great servants.

I want to connect you to him because he’s doing amazing things in this world and if you want to be at your best you have to start with whats going on in your head.

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He has a daily podcast on Blog Talk Radio which you can listen to here.

Also read his great book ‘Flight Plan To Success

And of course connect with him on his blog

And every once in a while his coaching opens up to new students. I cannot recommend you become a student of his highly enough 🙂