This post is the second post in which I introduce important mentors I’ve worked with in 2015 to grow my business. My previous post was about Mr Mindset.

Before this year I was all about strategies and implementing knowledge.

And if you become very good at what you do then there’s no reason why you can’t hit 6 figures.

Study one method or strategy. Find good coaches. Work at it until you’re good at it and passionate about it and use the right strategies to serve those important to you. It’s not easy but its do-able.

But, what all the knowledge and strategies that took you to earning 6 figures won’t help you earn 7 figures.

Thats a whole different game.

I know some of you may still be struggling but I think its important to see what possible – to serve as inspiration.

Today I’d like you to Mr Systems aka Chales Ngo aka Dr Ngo.

I was fortunate enough to meet him and work with him as an Affcelerator student earlier this year and was blown away by the amount of value he gave.

Charles works in an area of internet/ affiliate marketing called CPA Marketing which stands for ‘Cost Per Action’.

CPA marketing is  affiliate marketing but on crack, speed and high levels of octane fuel. And just like all the above more people have been burnt by it then can wield its awesome power. Because CPA has something in huge amounts – scaleability.

Moving into 2016 I will be devoting more time in this arena.

Charles has been in the game for a long time, like 8 years long. Which in internet marketing circles is ancient 😉

But he’s younger than me which makes me feel positively prehistoric.
When you read the story of the Rise of Ngo you will see early flashes of brilliance (in fact his story should be a MBA case study about perseverance and commitment) but I do feel some sort of perverse pleasure that even he struggled early on.

When he first started he went for 9 months and had spent $8000 online in traffic before he made his first money online. And then he was off to the races.

But that’s not what make him special. In the past few years it has been his ability to develop teams and systems to truly scale his business to multiple millions.

In fact all the entrepreneurs use systems to their advantage.

And just a side note: Mentors and coaches – Take your time choosing them.

With coaches you simply need someone who has more skill or knowledge than you in a given area and has a proven track record in being able to help others in that area.

With mentors, you’re looking for someone who can help you more on a holistic level. Yes they need tremendous skills and results but they also need a great mindset and philosophy.

When you check out the values and philosophies of Charles perhaps he will impress you too.

A mentor is someone who truly seeks to give and Charles gives on a stellar level.

You can read more about Charles on his blog