It was a perfect, balmy summer’s evening on the 5th February when 50 – 60 people packed into Kulcha and celebrated the opening of my first solo Art Exhibition ‘The Mango Tree’. Wine flowed, food was munched on and yours truely worked very hard to try and talk to everybody. I want to thank everyone for coming, and I believe it was a great night to have by all!
I recieved some wonderful feedback about the works, and how the venue’s bold colours complemented my own work. It was quite magical having a few seconds to rest on the balcony sipping on some juice and and watching Fremantle’s Cafe culture come to life.
Thank you so again so much for those who came. I also realised that quite a number weren’t able to make it considering the timing of the exhibition and it’s short duration. So for those who didn’t make it (and even if you did) I’d like to invite you and your friends to meet me and my friends for drinks and get together at the following:
Sundowner @ Kulcha
From 6pm Sunday 28th February 2010
@ Kulcha 13 South Terrace above Dome Cafe
Once again, thank you for supporting my dreams, and I hope to talk to you all soon!
warmest regards
Samith Pich
Artist, Youth Arts Teacher & Creativity Coach
p.s Isn’t it great when the ball starts rolling? My marketing methods have been going well. Click here to listen to my RTR interview!
p.p.s Did you know that all my paintings come with a 30 Day 100% Satisfaction or Your money back guarantee?? Well they do!
‘Inspiring others to love and find beauty through Art’