The first bounce of the 2012 Toyota Grand Final match between the Hawthorn Hawks and the Sydney Swans at the MCG, Melbourne. (Photo: Tim Terry/AFL Media)

The first bounce of the 2012 Toyota Grand Final match between the Hawthorn Hawks and the Sydney Swans at the MCG, Melbourne. (Photo: Tim Terry/AFL Media)

Yesterday was the AFL Grand final between Fremantle and the Hawthorn. I spent the first half of the game sitting down with my girls, essentially screaming at the TV (at Fremantle in particular) and throwing pizza shapes into my mouth in disgust. Overall, the game closed well but there was plenty of missed opportunities.

Afterwards I went to a Internet Marketing Perth Meetup and presented a keynote presentation on the 5 Essential Elements of an Internet Marketing Business.

Which takes me to main point point. There are now 3 months left in 2013. This is the final quarter.

You’ve gotta ask yourself – Are you where you want to be?

2013 Has Gone So Fast!

2013 has been an extraordinary year, and one of the fastest on record. Time seems to fly as you get older, which is funny to say, because the reality is, everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week 12 months in a year.

It’s how we choose to use those 24 hours in a day, the habits we put in place and what we spend our days thinking about that dictates the direction and destinations of our lives.

In 3 months time most people will be making new years resolutions that statistically speaking, are the same ones they made the year previously and then conveniently chose to forget for the remaining 11 months!

The Hard Questions…

So let me ask you again – Are you where you want to be?

Is all of the work, the daily preparations paying off? Or are you finding yourself fumbling with the ball?

Are you hoping for a miracle or is your health and life the real miracle?

Do you love what you do or are you still longing to do what you love?

Are you hitting your goals financially or they going further astray?

Look, it may seem that there’s a right or wrong answer here but there isn’t. What matters most is that you can be honest with yourself and make goals and plans based on the facts.

What I Believe

I don’t believe in new years resolutions, I believe in goals.

Daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals.

I believe in accountability partners and masterminds that will inspire you and kick you in the ass when you need it.

Less bullshit more action.

Personally speaking, I’m exactly where I want to be. My life is more and more about the life I am consciously designing.

Do I still have to bust my ass? Absolutely!

When you have an opt unity to make reality a dream come true you’ve got to hustle!

Even though I don’t believe in luck, I believe I got very lucky this year.

I put myself in situations I never dreamt of including Toastmaster competition division finals, working for Cabernet & Canvas, starting my own Internet Marketing meet up, full time internet marketing coaching, founding SEO Dojo, sprucing up my blog, getting further coaching and not to mention, getting my first 4 figure days online!

Does it end there? No

Theres a life to design, and if it’s to be it’s up to me.

If I could in part one piece of advice it would be this (stolen from Ruck’s IM Grind):

If you’re not where you want to be, find that thing that drives you and put it in front of you every day from this point forward.

How ARE you going to finish the last quarter?

Post your goals down and lets hold each other to account!