Late last month I created an accountability challenge for myself for the month of May with a few friends and members of my accountability mastermind group.

A recap of those goals are:

1. Complete my Isagenix website
2. Post 10 Blog Posts
3. Pay $500 off my credit card debt
4. Complete Level 1 in Convict Conditioning training regularly at least twice a week
5. Get 30 Nos.
6. Give 2 Toastmaster speeches

Overall there is good news, not so good news and some changes.

In fairness (or so I tell myself) some of the mastermind group started late so to accommodate them we changed the end date to the 30th June to enable everyone to have a full month to complete their goals. Which gives me 7 more days to complete the things on this list!

Convict Conditioning

Convict Condition is a book by Paul Wade who was an ex-con inmate and who spent years learning the lost art of old school callisthenics. But this is not your namby-pamby push ups and sit ups this is hard core progressive strength excercises that end with the elusive one arm push ups, one arm pull ups and the crazy one arm hand stand push up (I know crazy).

But it’s possible knowing and training in this system. Obviously if you’re an inmate in a high security prison you don’t have a lot of room to work out, most prisons barely had any weights rooms (for good reasons) and you don’t have mush time to get strong, otherwise you’d quickly become someone bitch!

Funnily enough I learnt about this book at a network marketing seminar hosted by the amazing Michael Clouse.

On the positive front I have crushed my Convict Conditioning goals, training at least four times a week and I comfortably at stage 5 in the Convict Conditioning system. So I have re-evaluated my goal and created a bigger challenge that will last until 30 August or a full 8 weeks.

I would like to aim for a comfortable progression standard in Convict Conditioning which means:

  • Full Pushups 2 x 50
  • Full Squats 2 x 50
  • Pull ups 2 x 10
  • Flat Knee raises 2 x 20
  • Burpees 2 x 50
  • Beep Test Level 7

Credit Card Debt Goal

Furthermore thanks to my Isagenix earnings I have been able to smash my credit goal of paying $500.

In fact I paid off $1000 off my credit card this month!

The new sub-total is $14,000. Hey, its still a huge amount but I have confidence that by this time next year it will be all gone…

I have made 5 blog posts in the last couple of weeks and I have 10 days to create 5 more.

The blog posts I created were:
My June Goal Setting and Accountability
“My Wage” By J.B. Rittenhouse
Wanna see a Miracle?

and two pages:
100 Goals
Vision 2020


I haven’t had the opportunity to complete any Toastmaster speeches due to clashes in timetabling but I have had the honour of giving some evaluations and there’s definitely an art to it that I would love to master.

I want to make an on going series of short movies about my Toastmaster experience and help others who are considering starting their journey.

The Not-So Good

Some goals I feel I am behind in are Completing my Isagenix Website and achieving a new record in cycles.

I still feel I can complete the Isagenix website by end of June but I will have to really bust out some prospecting to meet my goal of a new record in cycles.

I also haven’t reached my goal of receiving 30 No’s for my Isagenix opportunity, I have received seven confirmed No’s but there’s half a dozen who are making their decisions still. I also had two new associates sign up this month too! So yay to me!


Overall I am happy with my progress and in the mean time (as if I hadn’t enough on my plate) I have enlisted myself to complete Zach Crawfords 60 Day Video Challenge in which I can win an iPad mini. You’ll be hearing much more about this challenge in the days ahead!

That should be done by the end of August.

It’s a busy life but it’s one I am grateful to live!

How are your accountability goals going? Share a goal below and lets keep us accountable!