Moving van

Hey there!

I just wanted to announce some changes that are in the pipeline for this blog. I started this website in 2009 and it started out as an iWeb website that showcased my Artwork (moving from my old myspace hangout, remember that??) It ┬áhas been the home of my musings, my artwork, and occasional inspirational blog posts. I’ve wanted to make the move for a while but I haven’t figured out the how and what for a while.

Over the past year I’ve been slowly changing, you might have noticed it with all this new talk of entrepreneurship and public speaking and home businesses.

I feel that my orginal core audience might have felt alienated with the ‘newSamith’. Well the old Arty Samith is still around but admittedly he’s been changing.

Furthermore, knowing where I want to go and how to get there I’ve realised that this website or blog can’t be everything to everyone. It has to be focussed.

So within the next month I will be launching a ‘sister blog’ that will focus on Art, toastmasters and personal development for creative people. So if you want to learn about Art, read interviews about other artists and generally be creatively ‘Arty farty’ then you can do so here.

However, if you’re interested in entrepreneurship, creating online businesses and network marketing then this is where the action will be.

In THIS blog I will be following my passion which is internet marketing, and home business entrepreneurship. This will be the home of internet marketing reviews, tutorials and online solutions.

So yes it will be a big change!

But I hope by separating the two websites (though still linked) I will be better able to cater for two separate audiences.

So thats the announcement.

I will officially launch the new blog on the 10 September 2013.

Watch this space and look out for some changes!


Feel free to comment below.