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Image Source: Grant Baldwin

I’ve been following Grant Baldwin for a few weeks now for his speaking expertise in the youth and motivation field.

He also has a great podcast “How Did You Get Into That” with some great online celebs. Listen to some episodes Here.

He just released a great course and this is the webinar that he used to sell it. But having said that there was also some excellent content that I didn’t know about.

Actual content begins around the 16min mark..


Here was a great webinar about How To Get Booked and Paid To Speak by Grant Baldwin.

Below are my notes from the webinar:


Notes & Summary


1. Why do you want to speak? List your reasons…

The most important thing is that you’re passionate about helping people create change…

2. Who do I want to speak to?

Various Event Topics
  • Demographics/ Age
  • Region/ Location
  • Profession? Industry
  • Interest
  • Topic

3. What do you want to speak about?

How To Discover What You want To Speak about
  • Experience
  • Expertise/ Knowledge
  • Awards/ recognition
  • Passion
  • Enjoyment
You don’t have to be the best in the world in the world at something to be considered an expert.
You only need to know slightly more about a subject than someone else.
So lets assume you have a good idea of why you want to speak, who you want to speak to and what you could speak about…
Now what?
You need two key marketing tools to start promoting yourself..
1. Your website
2. Your demo video
website Strategies
  • You must have one! A website is the most common way for clients to research you
  • Use your name as your domain
  • Put yourself in the position of the client
Elements Every Speakers Website Should Include…
  1. Pictures – speaking pictures
  2. Recommendations
  3. Bio
  4. Topics – menu of Topics
  5. Contact Info
  6. Demo Video

Your Demo video is the most important part of your website.

Tips for your demo video
  1. Keep it short 2 1/2 mins
  2. think of your video like a video trailer
  3. The video should be you actually speaking not you talking about speaking
  4. Include your contact info and website
How do you make a video if you don’t have any footage?
  1. Find a local event that you could speak for free (church, rotary club, toastmasters)
  2. Speak to an empty room (not preferred)

Work with what you’ve got and improve as you go

Have your video and website in place BEFORE you start marketing.
Your best marketing tool is a great talk
The best potential clients are those who already book speakers – guerrilla marketing
Best places to start are conferences and association events
Google is your best friend of finding these conferences/ events
i.e “Knitting” as an example…
  • “knitting conference”
  • “knitting association”
  • “knitting event”
  • “[state] knitting conference” – can afford 5/10 speakers
Pro tip: find a few speakers who are doing what you want to do and see what events they are speaking at
Go on speakers websites – events calender
Once you find opportunities you want to contact the decision maker
When contacting the decision maker…
  • Imagine you are asking someone out on a date
  • your goal is to build a connection NOT to get a booking right now
  • This is a relationship business
  • Ask a question and generate a dialogue
    • “hey John, I just came across your [topic] conference in [date] – looks like an amazing event. I was curious if you’ve started reviewing speakers for your event yet?
  • Do NOT try to sell them
  • Don’t be surprised if they don’t reply. This is a numbers game
Most important rule: This is a relationship business. Do NOT try to seal the deal on the first date.
i.e Justin gentry – Motivational Speaker
Finding other speaking opportunities…
1. Online search
  1. If someone were to be searching for a speaker like you, what would they search for?
  2. Pay per Click
    • Google adwords > FB ads
  3. Speaker Referrals
  4. Client refferals
  5. Live Presentations
  6. Repeat Business
  7. Showcases
  8. Media & Press

Your best marketing is always word of mouth

[great sales pitch]