A week after an amazing 14 day trip with Hands On Journeys through the best of Cambodia and Vietnam I found myself having a conversation on Skype with the founder of MOBE, and perhaps the hardest working man in internet marketing I know, Mr Matt Lloyd.

We were going over my last few years of good service and lets just say I had a feeling this conversation wasn’t going to end well.

Despite the calm and kind words, it was clear an ultimatum was being issued.

And without hesitation I gave my answer.

(Even though I hadn’t even known before hand what my answer would be).

How I Came To Meet Matt Lloyd And Join MOBE.

I came across MOBE in late 2012. I was a struggling high school arts and science teacher, moving from one contract to another. I had two beautiful daughters, an amazing partner and I was inspired to move forward but behind on my promises.

After starting with an MLM company, I kept looking online for answers.

Night after night I stayed up late, entering my name and email to receive the latest magic bullet, the secrets to untold wealth, the final pieces of the puzzle that refused to reveal itself unless I was willing to pay more.

After months and months online searching, I wasn’t just focused on finding answers I was obsessed!

One morning, I checked my email and one of the online gurus I admired was talking about a very young millionaire doing amazing things online via a cheap ebook called IM Revolution.

Its safe to say this $10 ebook changed my life. It showed me the missing peice of the puzzle that was staring me in the face.

As I was doing my research on the author of IM Revolution, a Matt Lloyd, everything was pretty much the same/ same but two words stood out in big bold words to me:.

Where he was residing:

Perth, WA.

There was an online millionaire in my city?!

For people who don’t know Perth, it’s a sleepy picturesque city by the Swan River with pretty beaches. Thats it. Geographically it’s also the most isolated citiy in the word – distance wise.

In the time Perth people fly to our nearest city in Australia, most people would have already passed by 10!

This man (much younger than me) was 24 at the time and was earning 50 times my current earnings.

I had to meet him!

So I hunted him down a few months later, in a tiny office in Victoria Park and over a quick bite to eat I learnt more about what made Matt lloyd tick…

And all I can say about this amazing young man when I first met him was that our first meeting was… well… underwhelming.

There was no fancy cars, no fast women. No arrogance, no hype no bling. We picked up Subway for a snack for goodness sakes!

Matt could have been my accountant.

His office certainly looked like my accountants!

The only thing that stood out from the norm where his eyes. They were unnervingly focussed, and determined. When he talked about MOBE and his vision he didn’t speak about it in a lofty and witty manner.

He spoke as if MOBE would become THE dominate force in the online marketplace. And nothing would stop him from making it a reality. It was hard not to believe him. MOBE’s rise would prove swift yet relentless.

Joining MOBE

So I joined MOBE in mid 2013. I spent money I didn’t have but for once I felt as sure as this young man about my future.

In the next few months MOBE would give me two of my most unforgettable moments!

Let me start off by saying (if you haven’t already felt this). That there is no greater feeling in internet marketing than the feeling of making money while you sleep. It’s like magic.

And I get I had to do a whole lot of work to get to that point. And I get I had to spend a lot on my business and there were set up costs in terms of time and money.

But when you wake up and check your account and someone has bought off you, multiple times, well there’s no better feeling!

Secondly, I earned my first $1,000 online with MOBE. It was my first benchmark. It was very far away from my last online paycheque. A total of $50!

Both gave me proof that online marketing worked and more importantly MOBE worked.

So I continue to work my butt off. I go onto earn my first $3k, $5k and $10k in commissions. I felt like I was on a roll and then an opportunity of a lifetime opened up for me.

How I Became A Phone Coach with MOBE

In the beginning MOBE consisted of Matt and himself.

As MOBE grew, he reluctantly brought on one or two elite sales people on board. Which turned out to be another in a string of good moves by Matt.

Late 2013 a positioned opened up within MOBE for some online coaches.

Their role was to help people through a new program that was called My Top Tier Business or MTTB for short. MTTB was a 21 step program that educated people about creating an online business and gave them the opportunity to purchase 1 or many of Matt’s marketing products. Famous products like the MOBE License Rights Program, the Titanium Mastermind or even the Platinum Mastermind or dozens of products in the MOBE Marketplace.

What was important was that the coach had to have integrity, had experience in IM and was great at sales (but in a non-pushy way).

Ding! Ding! Ding! The bells ringed for me!

After a video submission and an in-depth interview I was on the team!

The Truth About Working From Home

After a few months working for MOBE as a phone coach AND making money as an affiliate I quit teaching as a high school teacher. (Perhaps for ever).

I was now making more in a week than I was working full-time as teacher. And I was living my dream: working form home surrounded by my family.

And let me tell you now, working from home is everything (and not everything) it promises to be.

Gone is the 9am-5pm. Say hello to the 6am – 11pm.

Gone is the morning commute. Say hello to your office in 12 steps.

Gone are the co-workers and bosses. Say hello to working remotely. And occasional bouts of claustrophobic loneliness.

Gone are the daily to do’s, the schedules and the paperwork. Say hello to your 2 year old biting your ankle. Rushing out of the house because you’ve forgotten to take out the trash. 101 instant notifications in an hour.

Gone is asking permission, having a ceiling on your earnings, doing work because it just pays the bills.

Say hello to freedom.

My Secret Mission In MOBE

I have to admit now that my main reason to work with MOBE was actually not for the money.

This would surprise everyone I would reveal it to (including myself).

I was on a secret mission.

I was a spy. A mole.

But reporting back to no one but myself.

So I was both Charlie and his angels.

John Conner and Kyle Reece.

M and James Bond.

You get the picture.

I remember in my early days reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and in it Robert Kiyosaki talked about the concept of working to learn rather than working to earn.

He taught that it was better to do a job for FREE for a short time so it would help you get the skills and information you need to move forward in your entrepreneurial journey rather than staying stuck in a job simply to earn money.

So that became my mission.

I wanted to learn how a multi-million dollar online business ran. I wanted to be a cog in the machine and to have an inside glimpse of how the machine ran.

Working with MOBE 2013-2015

Working with Matt Lloyd and MOBE during the past two had its highs and lows but it was always an exhilarating ride.

Watching Matt’s journey from start up entrepreneur, one man band to a CEO of a 100 million dollar company with almost a hundred staff working all over the word was and is awe inspiring.

Through MOBE I learned real marketing, branding and positioning. I met speakers and entrepreneurs from all around the globe. I spoke, I coached and I trained. All the things which fulfilled me in life.

I counselled and coached hundreds of complete beginners.

I watched some get disillusioned, get side tracked and go completely off the rails.

And I watched and helped others to soar high and fly.

I’ve travelled more in the past two years with MOBE and for my own education and recreation than I had done in the previous 30.

I am and will be, forever grateful for this opportunity.

Time For A Change

There comes a time in every mission where you have to take stock, to look at your objectives and decide whether to continue or abort.

You see (while the money was good, really good) I didn’t come into MOBE for another job.

I came to discover how to run my own business and perhaps create a rival business. Fancy that.

By mid 2015 I realised I was no longer growing but starting to stagnate. Not in my life and dreams but in MOBE. I was no longer a fit with MOBE and it’s evolving ethos.

And my results and my commitment reflected that. I was much more focused in my own projects, in the relationships I was cultivating in the opportunities that were opening up.

I was, in my actions and heart, already looking past MOBE.

The Day I Choose Myself.

One of my favourite writers is James Altchur, author of Choose Yourself and The Choose Yourself Guide To Wealth.

He is ridiculously brilliant because he shows in everyday why he isn’t so. Often his choices come not from inspiration but desperation. He’s lost, failed and cried more times than anyone else I know. Yet he’s a ‘bonafied success’. And he does it with his special brand of being himself, completely.

So, back to the start of this long post.

I was on Skype and an ultimatum was being made.

In essence it was this:

You can continue working for MOBE as a phone coach


You can grow your own affiliate business.

But you can’t do both.

I had to choose.

And I didn’t choose either.

I choose myself.

I realised I had come to prize something more important than money. It was my freedom.

I wanted to be a coach and have my own business. But as it can sometimes happen when you are inside and outside the business, potential conflicts of interests can occur.

And it was in Matt’s best interest that those conflicts don’t occur. And I perfectly understood the reasoning. Perhaps I would have done the same.

How To Follow Your Own Path (2016 And Beyond)

Waking up in the morning without dozens of phone calls and meetings is a strange experience. Especially when it’s consumed your life for the past 2 years.

Having no idea when or where your next pay check will come from is an even more interesting feeling.

It feels like true freedom. I realise now I had only experienced a small side of freedom so far.

I know that the next few months will either make or break my entrepreneurial spirit. This is now the crucible where I must actually employ everything I’ve learned so far. On my own.

I have three projects I am completing or starting in earnest in the next few months.

I’m releasing two products into the marketplace: Webinar Profits Formula. And a membership product.

I’m also still taking 1 on 1 coaching clients.

And I’m moving full force ahead with CPA Marketing and Affiliate marketing in general.

And I’m still promoting MOBE (because its so profitable to do so) but more as a backend product.

I’m also doing local marketing for businesses.

So my days are just as full!

I recently read a great quote somewhere, and I’m paraphrasing here: ‘Given the choice between starving or eating. No one starves.’

Meaning we all do what we have to do to make things work.

Everyone I know spends too much energy stressing about money. About the future. bout what could happen.

When you’re an entrepreneur (you still stress) but you also realise that you have it within YOU to create money.

And to be more specific, no one makes money. You just realise that you have skills, knowledge or products of value that you can bring to the marketplace and exchange for money.

You write your own ticket.

You realise you write your own future.

That’s what it means to be an entrepreneur.