Welcome to this step by step tutorial on ‘How to Ace your first Toastmasters Speech – The Icebreaker’.

Before we start I just want to congratulate you on starting your journey with Toastmasters. I remember when i first started it was pretty scary. Maybe you’re in the same boat as well.

I completed my Icebreaker speech in 2012. It may not sound like it but I was a nervous wreck. You can listen and read it here.

But I can guarantee you that the more speeches that you do the better you will get. But first of all we all have to start somewhere.

Let’s begin.


The Objectives

The objectives of your first Toastmasters speech are pretty simple:

  • To begin speaking before an actual audience
  • To discover speaking skills you have already and skills that need some attention
  • Time: Four to Six minutes

Starting out you may be thinking that 4-6 minutes is a long time. But trust me, later on you’ll be struggling with the time constraints!

For most people Toastmasters will be their first entry into actual speaking. You want to make it as easy as possible and be as easy as possible on yourself in doing this project.

The object is to simple just speak in front of an audience.

Watch the Video – How To Ace Your Toastmasters Speech 1 The Ice Breaker