There’s nothing like coming back from a week in Las Vegas and looking at the scales after you’ve been gorging yourself on buffets and fine food to make you say ‘Enough is enough!’

When I stepped on the scales I saw 75kg. This is THE heaviest I’ve ever been!

Even worse the engorge belly and the overweight feeling was even worse!

So in the spirit of health and accountability here’s my next two month goals.

My health routine & goals:

My goal is to lose 5 kilos by 1st Jan but also to be in decent fitness. i.e Be able to do 100 consecutive pushups and run 5km in under 30 mins.

– Currently I do a 12 minute body workout similar to GOYA (atleast 5 times a week) , there’s a great App aptly called 12 Minute Athlete
– I’m doing the Couch to 5K training running program and there’s a great app for that too C25K. I’m running at least 3 times a week
– To develop my pushups I have the PushUp Pro app (daily)
– On Sundays I do a longer but slower run of up to an hour.
– I have an accountability partner who’ll run with me weekly

I also have been keeping a food diary. Trying to increase my greens. I have a Isagenix shake daily. And I’m off junk food and soft drinks.

In a week or two I’ll be starting Kung fu

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Why Apps?

A friend said on FB that I was the app King! I don’t know about that but I do know myself! Lol

I’m inherently lazy. So apps help remind me, record the metrics I need and give me the workout to do in a freindly but robotic way – meaning it’s not personal. The app doesn’t care whether I do my workouts or not, but I do! They just make it easy for me to do them!